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Moving into a new home as a couple or with friends can be one of the most exciting times in your life, though it will come with all kinds of challenges.

When you move into your new space, whether renting or as a homeowner, you will often find an aged interior that is in desperate need of updating if it is going to suit your needs as well as your style.

Many people end up spending too much time and money in this area, but by keeping things simple you can revolutionize a space without spending a lot of money or losing too much of your free time painting and decorating. For instance, getting chic and affordable dining chairs from Big Save can significantly improve your house’s design.

Here are three quick and simple ways to give an old flat or house a modern makeover, letting you get the most out of your new home without spending too much of your money or your time.

Find Old Furniture – Source Quality Second-hand Retro Furniture Locally Online

A great place to find furniture is on Facebook. If you need to fill your new space with some furniture, you can often save yourself hundreds of pounds by sourcing second-hand beds, tables, and sofas from local people selling their unwanted items online.

If you are patient and you take your time, you can often find nearly new items for sale at rock bottom prices. If you need a hand moving furniture from one place to another you will also find plenty of ‘man with van’ services in your area on Facebook too.

Pick a Theme – Use the Web to Find Themed Furniture and Wall Hangings

Theming rooms or areas in your home is a great way to give your space a unique and quirky look and is often a great way to get everyone involved in changing communal spaces in a house share.

Industrial and ‘steam-punk’ inspired themes are a popular choice at the moment, and you can find all kinds of items online on sites like Amazon and Alibaba that can give your space a signature look or theme. If there are many of you working together to source the right looking picture frames and kitchen utensils online, you are going to find some great deals.

Get the Flooring Right – Use Hard Wearing Surfaces for Multipurpose Spaces

Changing the flooring in a space is a quick and low-cost way to give any space a different look and gives you a surface better suited to your needs.

High traffic areas like the dining area and kitchen need a hard-wearing surface to survive all the movement around mealtimes, especially in a house share. One-Stop Flooring offers a huge range of colours and surfaces that can be installed quickly in any home. The range of colours on offer creates lots of opportunities to change the look and feel of your spaces.

With some planning and preparation, you can give any tired old space a new lease on life with the right additions and finishes. You don’t have spends hundreds of pounds and lots of your spare time painting and sanding if you spend less money on the right improvements.

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