ACLT African Carribean Leukaemia Trust, is holding a week long blood drive up and down the country, in tribute to Daniel De-Gale’s life, legacy and untimely passing on the 8th October 2008.

From the 3rd to 7th October 2011 ACLT and National Blood service are encouraging the Black and Mixed race community to register as new and regular blood donors; by donating a unit (475 mls) of blood for transfusion even if you are already on the bone marrow register.

Daniel De-Gale, was a former Leukaemia sufferer who was diagnosed with the condition in April 1993. He won his battle against Leukaemia, receiving a bone marrow transplant from Doreene Carney, at Great Ormond Street Hospital in June 1999. Unfortunately due to complications with his health that led to multiple organ failure he died aged 21.

ACLT charity was established to provide valuable support to people with blood cancers who rely on regular blood transfusions, or face the incredible challenge of a worldwide search for a racially-matched bone marrow donor.

For one whole week you’ll be able to donate blood in the following places

Central London (West End)

Attendance is by appointment only, for more info

Call 020 8240 4480, Email or visit