beyonce super highlighted

It’s all about getting your glow on. Twitter, insta, youtube. Everyone has super shiny cheekbones. Want in on that action? Here’s 4 highlighters you should try that you may not have heard of but you should definitely try.

Now if you really want to get that beyonce glow I would recommend one of my fave’ highlighters; Boot’s No.7 Shimmer Palette in caramel. It adds a golden caramel shimmer to the skin, great for cheekbones and shoulders. As well as doubling up as a eye shadow palette(as I’ve found out), for a warm subtle sheer sweep of colour across the eye. This comes in a lovely rose gold compact with a mirror. It also comes in a rose palette which is a great blusher to add a luxurious flush of pink to the cheeks.  There’s a lot of product inside this classy packaging.  £13.50
No.7 shimmer pallete
In the buff!! No I am not being rude, that’s the name of the brand that makes these two highlights. The first recommended for darker skin is called Sunshine Glitz, and has a gold/yellow iridescence to it. The second called Summer Glow, is more of a pearl tone. These are both extremely fine loose powders. soft to the touch and easily applied over face and body, they are very highly pigmented so a light touch is all you need. Price starts from £7 for a 2g jar and £14 for a 4g jar.
In the Buff In the Buff
Now this little number is a two in one. It’s all about the contouring right? I tried the Collection Contour Kit Highlight and sculpt, I was pleasantly surprised. I have had bad experiences in the past of contouring my face orange, however with this definitely creates a depth effect rather than an umpa lumpa. On one side of this is a contour and the other is the highlight. This highlight is a white pearly colour with teeny tiny white sparkles. This is really light, I think it looks great on the cheekbones and down the nose but it’s super light to put on the forehead. Saying that I think this is a great buy, I will definitely be adding this in to my faves. It costs £4.19 but right now at Superdrugs it only costs £2.79
collection highlight and contour kit
 For my final pick, It’s got to be essence Soo Glow! in No.20  Bright Up Your Life, This is a cream to powder highlighter, and gives off a silky shine of pink as well as having tiny iridescent reflective particles shimmering in it. Owwww So cool. The texture is smooth and blends perfectly. This gives off a more subtle look than the other No.7 and In The Buff. It’s gorgeous!  Priced £2.80 I actually think they should price it higher it’s that good.
essence soo glow
That’s this weeks low down on some pretty cool, and very different highlighters. From a compact to a cream; and from glitz to contour. There’s something to suit everyone, which one would you choose?
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written by Tilly Li