4 Interesting Jobs in the TV & Movie Industry

When we think about the lifestyle, we’re usually considering only the car we drive, the clubs we hang out in, and the clothes we wear.

But when you think about it, we spend more time at our jobs than we do living our life. It stands to reason that we should try to make sure we have an interesting role in our career too.

Here we look at a few different jobs in the TV and Movie industry that aren’t boring.

TV & Movie Producer

No, it’s not acting as the lead in a TV series, but you won’t lose your anonymity either. Being a TV or movie producer like Michael Palance is all about spotting interesting ideas that will make for great TV. Like the “My Hollywood” reality show that Michael David Palance has been involved with from the beginning, or the “Pop Star” Lifetime movie before that, there’s never a dull moment in the life of a producer.

On-set Script Doctor

For those times when the lead actor or the director just isn’t happy with the shooting script, an on-set screenwriter is required. You would think that the script would get locked down before the sets were built and the talent hired, but alas, sometimes there’s just not the time. Every actor or director wants to put their stamp on the script, so it never gets locked down as the final version until the last minute. And sometimes, it doesn’t feel finished at all and that’s when a screenwriter is hired who is excellent at getting to the set fast and fixing what needs changing.

Celebrity Personal Assistant

It might not be the most glamorous job, but for anyone who likes to see what it’s like behind the curtain then the role of assistant to an actor or actress will do just that. When an actor gets famous, they can no longer walk down the street or easily go shopping. That becomes your job to run the errands, making the phone calls, and take care of all the little things that they either don’t have time for any more or cannot do because they’re famous.

Every time Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson leaves the set at night, he’s swarmed by fans who’ve been waiting all day to get a selfie with him. Imagine being ‘The Rock’ and trying to go shopping? When you strip away the glamor, there’s hard days and busy nights that the assistant helps to make more manageable. Is that you?

Makeup Artist

The makeup artist for film and television is up at an early hour. They have to be on-set to take the actors and actresses and make them look perfect for the camera. Other than helping the talent to look their best, they often develop a friendly bond with them during the many early mornings shared together. For someone with a talent for makeup, it is a challenge to work on some of the prettiest faces and transform them.

It’s not necessary to abandon your dreams and stay in the cubicle if you prefer to do a different kind of work. A job in the film and TV industry is far removed from a regular job. It will likely keep your day varied and interesting in a way that a regular job will never do.