Blind dates can be so much fun and also very awkward. The initial build up before meeting the person can be ecstatic, exciting and also a tad scary.

Sometimes these dates can be wonderfully romantic and leave you feeling like you may have met a prince charming. Thoughts of, will he bring the flowers? or a little gift?? where shall we meet? and of course the biggest question of all, what shall I wear? All rushing around your mind can put a little oomph in your step.

We asked the ladies in the office, what outfits do they think you should NOT wear on a first date and this is what they said.

1. See through clothing
Do not wear anything see-through or sheer, it’s far too revealing and can give off the wrong impression. He may think you are an easy target and may not show you the same respect as a classier dressed woman. Do not wear this;

TopShop Mesh Long Sleeve Dress £28.00
TopShop Mesh Long Sleeve Dress £28.00

If you love see-through clothing, try a panel styled dress like this instead

TopShop Strappy Mesh Panel Bodycon Dress by Rare £38.00
TopShop Strappy Mesh Panel Bodycon Dress by Rare £38.00

2. Flat Shoes
Do not wear a flat shoes on a date. OK, its midweek, you’ve been working all day and your feet are killing you. You decide to put on your comfy flats to go on that after work date. BIG MISTAKE. Flats will make you look small, it will make you walk in a slight waddle and let’s be fair, there is nothing sexy about flat shoes. Do not wear this;

ASOS MARIYA Sling Back Lace up Leather Shoes £30.00
ASOS MARIYA Sling Back Lace up Leather Shoes £30.00

Always wear a nice pair of heels, chances are your going to dinner or something similar so you probably wont be standing for the duration of your date. Try something like this instead

ASOS PLEDGE Pointed High Heels £45.00
ASOS PLEDGE Pointed High Heels £45.00

3. Huge Underwear
Ok, we already know that he or she for that matter is not going to get it on the first date right? This doesn’t mean you should wear underwear that looks like it’s just returned from the Gaza strip. Wearing sexy underwear will make you feel special, it will boost your confidence and also means that, if that moment happened where you let your guard down, you will not have any embarrassing moments. Do not wear this;

John Lewis longer leg thermal shorts £10.00
John Lewis longer length thermal shorts £10.00

If you must wear something huge, keep it sexy, try something like this instead. Don’t worry you can thanks us later.

LAgent by Agent Provocateur - Izarra waisted brief £35.00
LAgent by Agent Provocateur – Izarra waisted brief £35.00

4. A small purse
Take note ladies, do not take a small purse on a date, you may not want to carry a huge bag with you, but opting for a small purse is ludicrous and here’s why. If you carry only a small purse on that first date, when the bill comes around and you do the classy “I’ll pay half of the bill” statement, the guy may not have time to be chivalrous and say no. If you take a big hand bag with you, chances are, while you are searching for your small purse within your big hand bag he will offer to cover the whole bill. Do not take this;

River Island White V Bar Zip Around Purse £15.00


Instead go for something nice and big like this, that can hold everything you need

River Island White Yellow Winged Tote Bag £45.00

There you have it. Our comprehensive guide on what NOT to wear on a first date. If you agree or disagree with any of the above, leave your comments below. Good Luck!

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