Are you in the very early stages of planning a dream holiday? Are you currently trying to figure out what the best destination is and want to pick something that will provide you with incredible memories that last a lifetime?

For many travellers, the answer will be Australia. This massive country is brimming with unique experiences that range from relaxing and quiet to high-energy and adrenaline-pumping – it all comes down to what kind of traveller you are.

Still not convinced Australia is the destination for you? Here are four reasons why Australia is the best destination for a dream holiday, no matter your age or interests.

The Beaches Will Amaze You

Calling all beach lovers, if you regularly head to the Caribbean in search of a tropical paradise when it comes to surf and sand, you may be missing out. Did you know that Australia has made a name for itself thanks to having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world? The country features more than 23,000 miles worth of coastline, which means you’re bound to find some spectacular sunbathing spots. It equates to more than 11,000 beaches, which you certainly won’t find in the Caribbean.

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly beach, one that is quiet and romantic for a couples’ getaway, or even one that is meant for surfing, you’ll find them all.

Enjoy Luxury and High-End Experiences

Let’s be clear, while Australia may be known for the Outback and delivering unique and adventure-packed activities outdoors, it also provides its fair share of luxury and end-end experiences. Whether you’re looking for a luxury or boutique hotel, a spa experience, outstanding and quiet beaches, or a romantic retreat, you can find it here. A holiday in Australia can be anything you want; it’s all about bespoke travel experiences that are geared to each traveller.

Animal Lovers Get a Chance to Be Up Close and Personal

You simply can’t discuss a dream holiday in Australia without mentioning its wildlife. Australia is home to some of the most incredible animals in the world, and many of them can only be found here. This is your chance to see these animals up close and personal in their natural habitat, filling you with awe and joy. These types of animal encounters and wildlife experiences can be found across the country.

Some of the incredible animals you’ll be able to view include crocodiles, kangaroos, koalas, quokkas, wombats and more. And these are just the land creatures; don’t forget that The Great Barrier Reef is home to an abundance of incredible sea life that is well worth exploring too.

You Can’t Beat the Weather

The weather may not be your top reason for visiting Australia, but let’s face it, fabulous weather helps to make a vacation that much better. In the northern parts of Australia, you’ll be able to enjoy summer-like weather year-round while the south only gets chilly for May and June. The country gets a massive amount of sunshine, so you won’t have to worry about too many rainy days.

Thanks to all Australia has to offer tourists, you can consider the search for the dream holiday destination over. Look no further than Australia for your bucket-list holiday.

Images via Unsplash