Britain’s Best Boy Racers

Ahead of the 2016 Formula 1 British Grand Prix, we bring you Britain’s Best Boy Racers and lift the bonnet of some of the most extreme cars in the country.

In this series, car modification is taken to new levels as we see two people per episode battle it out for a trophy. From loudest car to best bounce and individuality, contestants are tasked with revving the judge’s engines to claim the prize of Britain’s ultimate modified car. 

Best I.C.E. (In Car Entertainment): It’s the contest for best in-car entertainment in this episode. Subs, amps, speakers; the judges want to see and hear the best. It’s BMW vs Chrysler, but it isn’t the make that’s important. How loud can they get?

Best Bounce: Two enthusiasts show off their low riders, and compete for the trophy. One a hearse, the other a Lincoln – but which will bounce the highest, and look the best doing it?

Best Classic: ‘The Midland’s Mad Max’ vs a Mini – old meets new in this episode! Can the finalists keep it classy with added modern features? Expect exhaust flames, neon lights and subwoofers.

Biggest Personality: Sometimes it’s not all about looks. In this episode, the judges are looking for a car that represents its owner – a car that rolls down the street and everyone knows who’s driving.

Loudest Car: It’s the battle of the bass in this episode. The only thing that will win these finalists a trophy is the decibel level. Get your earplugs ready. 

Most Badass: This final competition is for the country’s most notorious car; the ultimate badasscar. The best sound system, the best body, the best paint job.

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