This short documentary explores the world of striptease, seeking to challenge common misconceptions about the profession.

Stacey Clare the strippers collective

Through various voices, the film sheds light on an unexplored side to stripping with lead characters Stacey Clare and Kitty Velour, who discuss the exploitative working conditions of a traditional strip club. The duo speak candidly on how strip clubs can charge exotic dancers to work in their venues, with women often being a couple hundred pounds down before a shift begins.

Stacey Clare is the founder of the East London Strippers Collective; a group of female night performers who have united to improve their working conditions, break down stereotypes and show what they call ethical stripping. The film focuses on a range of vibrant personalities who are striving to make it safer and better for fellow workers in their industry.

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Meet the strippers challenging the industry and everything you thought you knew about it.