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The High Street is a safe haven for many technophobic shoppers, and so having a business presence there can hugely boost your retail potential as a small business.

Here are four ways you can boost your brand on the high street, and how to stay there.

1. Get a Show Stopping Shop Front

Your shop front is your biggest selling point. By having a shop front that emphasises your business’ best assets, you will be much more likely to sell your stock and invite customers in to view your wares.

Companies like Halifax Glass can help you build a shop front to remember. Using toughened glass for your shop front will encourage light into the shop, and give you a bigger area to create a display window to showcase your products.

2. Use Your Social Media Well

Social media is an extremely important tool to use in the business world. By using your social media platforms to their full potential, you can increase your brand reach and brand awareness to a greater number of customers.

Picture-focused platforms like Instagram are perfect for products that can be well-photographed like home decor, books, and food. You can also demonstrate products on video platforms like TikTok, which establishes integrity around your products and encourages purchase.

Run giveaways and competitions on social media in conjunction with other brands or businesses to boost brand awareness, and encourage a greater number of followers and interactions with your social media accounts!

3. Have a Fantastic Website

As important as social media presence is, your website is just as important for increasing customer footfall to your high street shop.

The best website will contain information about your business, its origin and values, as well as information about the products and services you offer.

You may also want to include the address and contact information for your business, an e-commerce site if you’re able to sell your products online, and include plenty of professional images of your products.

This will help you build a brand relationship with your customers and encourage them to take action by interacting with your website or making a purchase.

You can build your own website with platforms like WordPress, or contact a professional to assist you.

4. Consider Your Premises

Your high street premises will either help or hinder your mission to get customers through the door, and there are a variety of factors to consider for increasing your customer numbers.

For example, depending on your business, you may want to be situated near to readily available parking, which is perfect for disabled shoppers, or parents with pushchairs.

Similarly, if your business depends on custom from parents, being placed in a district near to schools or nurseries can create footfall with the pre and post-school commute on a weekday.

Do you have any tips for futureproofing your business on the high street? Leave your answer in the comments below!