fashion hacks

You can spend hours putting together the seemingly perfect outfit, only to realise it’s missing something. On the other hand, we all have those mornings where we have to grab the closest pieces of clothing and go, with little time to spare to even look in the mirror. This is where accessories come in.

With the ability to add flair and change up a basic look, our hacks are all you need to create stylish outfits. Whether you’re rushing out the door or planning a look for a big event, these accessories will upgrade even the most lacklustre outfits in an instant.

Glasses add colour and hide dark circles

Particularly handy on those no-makeup days, a fashionable pair of specs can make all the difference. Whether you choose to exude vintage glamour with cat-eye frames or something more modern like aviators, glasses can add personality to your wardrobe instantly. Sunglasses cover up dark circles and makeup-less eyes, which many of us would see as a win-win when heading out after a long night. If you need prescription glasses, choose a pair that flatters your features and goes with every outfit. Having a basic black pair and some jazzier options is a great idea, so you can add a simple yet effective pop of colour should you need to.

The bra tuck can change a look instantly

Ever had an outfit that would look ten times better with a crop top or sweater? Or maybe you’ve found that your top is slightly too long or oversized. Either way, this is easily fixed with a bra tuck. This is where you carefully fold the bottom edge of the top under your bra, ensuring to pull on it slightly so it looks more natural before adjusting it to your preferred length. If you’ve ever wondered how a celebrity or influencer is wearing a chunky knit jumper tucked into a tight skirt, this is the secret. There are plenty of other ways you can change up a look by tying up your top, such as knotting it at the front or using a belt instead of a bra.

Plain outfits need a statement bag

Minimalist outfits are classic, often creating a sense of chic elegance. Ensure you retain this while turning heads by adding a statement bag. Whether you opt for patterns or a block colour is completely up to you, but make sure it stands out. For example, an all-black outfit looks high class when you add a pillar box red box bag, whereas a white-based look pairs well with pastel floral prints. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a bag collection, just simply have some key statement pieces that bring your favourite outfits to life.

Bandana’s hide bad hair days

There’s nothing worse than when your outfit is looking on point, but your hair simply won’t cooperate. Keep it under control with a silk or satin bandana. Not only does this pull on your hair much less than your standard hair band, but they are super on-trend for spring and summer 2020. There are a number of ways you can style a bandana aside from the traditional covered look including a high ponytail. You may need another hairband for this, so ensure this doesn’t tug on your hair and is easy to pull out, such as a kink-free band.

Earrings add extra sparkle to outfits

Sometimes all an outfit needs is a daring pair of earrings to steal the show. You don’t have to go overboard and opt for a garish, over the top pair, but rather something that attracts attention for all the right reasons. They don’t have to match your outfit perfectly as mixing up colours and patterns is actually very much on-trend. Choose opposing colours and patterns – you may just be surprised at how well it works.

Use our tips to create stylish outfits in seconds, taking your looks to the next level with ease.