Summer is out, cuffing season is in. With the summer almost completely behind us, its time to turn up the heat on date night to ensure you are not spending those cold winter nights at home alone.

Its all fun and games when the sun is out. A lot of people would actually rather be single in the summer and partnered up when the winter kicks in. Dating in the winter seems much more of a struggle than in the summer, so here are 5 must have items from John Lewis that will help you bag the bloke you want before its gets too cold.

The Outfit


French Connection Wilderness Bloom Skirt, Utility Blue-Multi

This is the part a lot of women get wrong. Either the skirt is far too long for a date or its literally too short and you end up flashing everyone in your peripheral vision. If you wasn’t paying attention to the opening paragraphs you may not concur with this part. Choose a knee length skirt that shows of your pins. If you are the type of girl that doesn’t fancy showing too much leg, you can easily wear a sexy pair of tights to go along with this. DO NOT choose a slutty mini skirt as this will generally lead only to a one night stand and the purpose of this article is to not be along during the winter season. The above is the French Connection Wilderness Bloom Skirt its stylish as floral is in season, its classy and still leaves a little bit to the imagination.

The Top

Mint Velvet Animal Burnout Tee, Black

Something like the Mint Velvet Animal Burnout Tee, is perfect to go along with your floral skirt, or as pictured above you could wear a dashing red Tee or something similar. It has  just enough see through bits to keep him guessing what’s underneath, without exposing yourself too much on the first date. Remember girls its all about the tease and the chase for men.

Red Lipstick

Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick, 325 Rouge Kiss

Perfect for any date is the Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick, 325 Rouge Kiss, Red Lipstick generally works on all dates. Its a colour that reflects passion, sex appeal and generally works with most outfits. He will be gazing at your red lips all night imagining what it would be like to kiss them.

Sophisticated yet solid pair of high heels.

Kin by John Lewis Thirty Six Leather Sandals, Silver


Picture this: Your date is awaiting your entry at the restaurant, you arrive 10-15 mins (fashionably) late of course. You proceed towards you table wearing your little black dress and red lipstick (as mentioned above). He looks up at you and in that moment, in his mind he she’s an angel graciously floating towards him. As you start getting closer you see the smile on his face, he is obviously excited to see you, you take another gracious step and then POW, you trip and knock into another persons table as you try to rescue yourself from falling flat on your face. You regain your composure at the same time trying to hide your embarrassment and all you can think if is why oh why did I wear these tiny heels. To avoid all of the above, go for something like the Kin by John Lewis Thirty Six Leather Sandals in Silver (or Black).

The Coat

Damsel in a dress Charlecote Coat, Grey


We was going to advise you on the perfect date lingerie in this final part, however as you will be going home alone on this date, you’d be much better of with the Damsel in a dress Charlecote Coat as this will keep you nice and warm on your journey home. All that is left for you to do its to blow his mind with intelligent conversation, to bat your eyes lids and say thank you when he gives you a compliment and to give him that all important ‘I look forward to our next date’ kiss with that stunning red lip stick you was wearing.

Good luck!