Space is a coveted concept in the home. While there’s nothing wrong with cosy, if you live in a smaller dwelling with less space, you might want to reach for solutions to make your rooms look bigger, more airy, and less claustrophobic.

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Here are five easy ways to create the illusion of space in your home that won’t break the bank – or your walls!

  1. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Mirrors are a miraculous tool for creating imaginary space in your home, as they create a sense of depth in what would otherwise be a flat and dense surface.

Companies like Rockett St George have a wide variety of mirrors to suit the size and shape of the space you want to create, from room dividers to bathroom mirrors.

You may also want to consider using as many transparent materials like glass and Lucite as possible to open the space away from opaque walls. If you can use transparent partitions and furniture, even when combined with mirrors, it can create the illusion of having less furniture in the room.

  1. Consider your Window Coverings

If you’re struggling for space, you may want to pass on the heavy curtains and opt for lighter blinds instead. Curtains will reduce the amount of light entering through the windows and will make your room appear darker and smaller.

Blackout blinds will still restrict light in your room when you need it but have the benefit of rolling up and out of sight during the day.

It’s also essential to clean your windows regularly, as even a thin layer of dirt can make your windows seem darker and will restrict light flow.

  1. Favour A Paler Colour Scheme

Heavy or darker coloured walls will weigh on the light distribution in the room, meaning that the walls will appear to close in, whereas paler colours on the walls will conduct light.

You can use tools like the Dulux Online Colour Chart to compare the colours to suit the furniture and colour scheme for the rest of your house.

  1. Reduce your furniture

You can also reduce the clutter by removing furniture that you no longer need, this will drastically alter the amount of free space in your rooms.

Ancient practices like Feng Shui work by decluttering the home and increasing sunlight, enabling you to maximise the useable space in your home.

  1. Clear Out Your Junk

Having a clear out is a great way of getting rid of junk you have no use for. We all easily accumulate extra paperwork and old unwanted gifts that we don’t really need to keep hold of.

Organise a tabletop sale or list your goods on online shops like eBay to sell your unwanted items and make a bit of extra cash. Clearing out your old belongings will create more space for your valued items and will allow you to store them in a neater way.

Do you have any tips for maximising space in your home? Leave your answer in the comments below!