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Summer is over and autumn is settling in, bringing with it cold weather and shorter days.

So for those of you looking to avoid the post-summer blues – here are five fab activities guaranteed to add a bit of excitement to your autumn. 

  1. Baking

As the temperatures drop, you’ll probably find yourself spending more time at home – baking is a great way to make use of this time.

It’s an activity that’s fun for kids and adults alike and there’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked goods flowing through your home.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, you can plan some seasonal bakes to coincide with upcoming celebrations such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas. 

  1. Candle-making

Candles are a staple of an autumn home – they brighten a room, enhance its ambience and add warmth. However, they can be expensive, which is why it’s worth making your own.

Candle-making is a bit like baking because there’s a recipe to follow but also plenty of room to get creative by adding additional ingredients to create a superb signature scent.

If you’re new to candle making, this guide from instruction site wikiHow will help you get started.

  1. Languages

If you’re suffering from those post-summer blues, learning a language is a great way to boost your spirits because it’s the perfect prep for your next summer getaway.

With language apps like Drops, you can learn a new language without even stepping foot out of your home. Laying on the sofa, with a throw wrapped around you and the fire turned on, you’ll be snug as a bug as you build up your lingo skills. 

Plus, by starting your learning in the autumn, you’ll have plenty of vocab under your belt come summer! 

  1. Arts & crafts

Arts & crafts is a hobby that allows you to unleash your creative side and because there are no rules, it’s an activity that’s accessible for all.

With Christmas fast approaching, you could make your own Christmas cards, name cards and present tags – your family and friends will love the personal touch.

Whatever item you choose to create first, you’ll be able to purchase all the supplies you need from craft store Wild Warehouse.

  1. Dancing

You don’t have to let the cold weather and short autumnal days make you live like a hermit – it’s good to get out and have some fun too.

And since autumn is the season of Strictly, why not head on down to a dance class and strut your stuff? It’s a great way to keep fit, meet new people and learn an impressive new skill.

Whether you’re looking to become a ballroom beauty or a Latin legend, there are so many styles to choose from – what will yours be?

Summer might be over, but these five fab activities prove that there are still plenty of ways to have fun!

That’s our list! Share your thoughts in the comments section.