Heading out for a fun night out with your friends, your date, or your family is necessary. Without a release from the daily stress of life, it’s easy to become agitated and depressed.

Besides, life is about so much more than just working to make money and buying nice things. But if you’re tired of doing the same things every time you plan a night out, below are five fresh ideas you can try.

Murder Mystery Game

A murder mystery game is basically an event during which you and your group enjoy a dinner amongst other guests and you all have to determine who amongst you is the murderer in a fake murder. In essence, you all become actors in a play and you get to also pretend that you’re detectives looking for clues to solve the mystery by the end of the event. If you’re planning on spending a night out in London, be sure to check out murder mystery nights in London by West End Events.

Backyard Camping

Even though you aren’t leaving your house, this is a great family-friendly, or romantic, idea if you’re on a budget. Forget about going into the woods in order to enjoy a night camping under the stars; instead, head into your backyard. Pitch a tent and light a fire in a fire pit or chiminea, roast up some marshmallows, enjoy a warm or cold beverage depending upon the temperature outside, and sleep outside for the night. Don’t forget the flashlights, sleeping bags, and scary stories.

Arcade Night

Let your inner child come out by heading to a local arcade. Or, if that doesn’t suit your fancy, try out mini golf, bowling, or any other activity in which you can let loose and enjoy yourself just as you did when you were a kid. This is also a great way to get into a bit of friendly competition with your friends, family, or date. Make things interesting by setting a prize for the winner or winning team.

Take a Class

Taking a recreational class is nothing like being in a school classroom, so the kids won’t complain and everyone, even the adults, will be able to learn something new and fun. There are many cooking classes, art classes (including photography, drawing, painting, and more), and dancing classes to choose from. Find something that inspires and interests you and your group. You won’t be graded, you’ll learn something useful that you can apply to everyday life, and you’ll have fun affordably too.


Nothing is funnier than having a few drinks, loosening up, and heading onto a stage for a fun karaoke night with friends. Choose your favourite songs to sing along to, no matter how good you are at singing, and make sure someone records the performance so you can laugh every time you watch it.

If you’re bored with the typical date nights or family nights, such as dinner and a movie, switch things up by seeing what local events are available. Use your creativity and you’re sure to have a blast.