body treatments

There are many things that you are probably already busying yourself with in order to look better than you ever have for 2016.

Perhaps you are frequenting the gym, serving up a greater amount of nutritious food for a healthier diet, or taking a daily vitamin tablet. You could also consider signing up for the following wonderfully effective body treatments.


Stretch marks and scars on the body, perhaps left from pregnancy or weight loss, can be unsightly and, as a result, depressing – especially when you’re in places like the pool, where you would naturally wear less. However, Dermaroller is among the most effective treatments for such ugly marks; it works by using micro-needles to stimulate collagen production and so encourage the damaged skin to repair itself.

Treating hyperhidrosis

Do you regularly get large, embarrassing sweat patches, such as in your armpits – leaving you wondering why you seem to sweat more than everyone else? You could suffer from hyperhidrosis – that’s the medical term for excessive sweating. Perspiration is perfectly natural and crucial for your body, but hyperhidrosis – which can also occur elsewhere on the body – is both desirable to and surprisingly easy to arrange expert treatment for.

body treatments

Skin Tightening

Firmer, younger-looking skin – around your face, stomach, arms or thighs – can be yours with the right treatment. You can, for example, benefit from radio frequency treatment, a 3D liposuction procedure which uses radio waves to treat saggy skin. And, despite the mention of radio, no, you don’t have to listen to Chris Evans’ breakfast show in the process…

Cellulite Reduction

If repeatedly battling cellulite leaves you feeling like Winston Churchill during the War, you can rest assured that it’s possible for cellulite to be visibly reduced in a simple and non-invasive manner. One good treatment can involve both radio frequency and 3D dermology.

3D Lipomed

Perhaps, you’ve considered liposuction for banishing little patches of fat that, despite your constant efforts, just don’t go away – but you have kept resisting due to a fear of surgery. If so, there’s an alternative that can be considered a type of liposuction, but requires no surgery. It’s called 3D Lipomed, and is a “medi” version of 3D Lipo – itself a popular treatment, but not as good as this new kid on the block…