Apathy, lethargy, boredom: these are just a few of the less than ideal feelings that can strike us when we’re lounging around at home.

Especially during evenings and colder months, boredom in general finds a way of seeping into the picture and making us feel absolutely disengaged from life. Some people suffer from such feelings due to a medical issue like depression, but assuming that you are not depressed, there are some relatively easy ways to get rid of the boredom blues. If you’re stuck at home but want to have a good time, then continue reading to find out about five great things you can do to get rid of the monotony.

Cook Something Up

Cooking is very much an art, and there’s possibly nothing better to beat the boredom of life than through artistic expression. With the existing ingredients in your kitchen, you can find dozens of recipes online that will help you find something that you, friends and family will love. With a variety of tools and apps available that help you calculate recipe conversions and compatible recipes with what’s in your refrigerator, you’ll no doubt be having fun in just a few minutes with some proper planning.

Play Some Games

If you’re reading this, then there is a good chance that you have internet on mobile and traditional devices in the home. With free online games by Plarium – as well as premium games that can be purchased from hundreds of developers – you can beat the boredom for short periods or long periods of time. If you like short strategy games, then a game like Sparta: War of Empires may be right up your alley. Likewise, there are many different games available for those who prefer long-play over periods of days and weeks.

Host a Scavenger Hunt

Those who have children in the house know just how awful boredom can be and what it can lead to: it’s important to keep kids entertained. One great way to enjoy some fun times while staying indoors is to have a scavenger hunt. By creating a treasure map or list of clues, you can guide kids from one spot in the home to the next, rewarding their creativity and engagement with small prizes along the way. Basic scavenging hunts can be put together fairly quickly, providing relief from boredom for parents and kids alike.

Exercise Around the House

If it’s not too cold and you’re able to go outside, then engaging in a bit of cardiovascular exercise can be a fantastic way to beat boredom. Exercise releases serotonin, which is the primary chemical component of happiness and contentment. Even those who cannot be very physically active can spend 20 to 30 minutes walking around the house – inside or outside – in order to boost energy and feel better.

Do Some Karaoke

Especially if you have the house to yourself, there is a certain emotional satisfaction in belting out the lyrics to your favorite tunes! If other people are in the house, then consider hosting a karaoke event or even inviting friends over for karaoke night. You don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment to make it work – hook up your MP3 player or device, turn up the volume and begin to sing! Much like exercise, singing releases positive endorphins that make people feel much better.

What do you do when you’re bored at home? Let us know in the comments.