Despite troubles in his younger years, Agassi Babatunde Odusina or Sneakbo as he is better known epitomises the idea that you can make a changes-in many respects he’s an inspirational figure whose hard work continues to bring him success.

From his first debut single Wave (2011) which brought him to a wider audience, Sneakbo has been dropping tracks that have captured the UK music scene. Certified as his latest mix-tape for this year continues building on his successful trajectory and one of the tracks making waves, Right Here features MOBO nominees Krept and Konan has been blazing the streets.

So with that Flavour managed to get 5 minutes with the busy London emcee.

Ok so Real G’s brings hardcore lyrics-do you ever write lyrics and go no that is too hard?

When writing lyrics, I write to the beat-so if it’s appropriate to the beat that’s how I write.

How do you deal with the pressure of trying to follow up and maintain the levels that you have set yourself already?

I just keep making music and keep my fans always busy with stuff I have coming out. The music I make now is always bigger and better than the music I’ve made before.

Certified-explain the title.

It’s just what I’ve been through in life and where I’ve got myself to, to this point. I felt the title was appropriate to represent what I stand for now musically and on the street.

Tracks-is it the same Sneakbo or do you change things up?

I do definitely switch it up a lot, I can jump on dance, I’ve done bashment, afro beats and rap.

When do you think you will drop an album?

For now all the focus is on the Certified mix-tape and I’ve been recording other bits. So when I’m ready in terms of when all the sound is prepared and I’m 100% happy is when I’m going to announce the album but I don’t have a time frame for it yet.