5 best watches

A watch can be a perfect combination of style and functionality and a great way to step up your accessory game too.

Choosing the right watch can be a daunting task unless you’re the type of person that’s fascinated by watches and already own a range of watches in various shapes, sizes, colours and price points.

We’ve gathered this list of 5 best watches to help you get your watch game on point.

1. ‘Gold Adidas Originals‘ Limited Edition Watch 

It has been 40 years since the legendary three-leafed logo, the Trefoil was introduced. Since 1972, the products that bear the Trefoil have brand values of authenticity, creativity and originality. Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Trefoil, Adidas Originals is proud to introduce a limited-edition watch, a numbered series of 500 timepieces. Complete with a polished finish and a rotating bezel, the watch features a 50-mm case constructed entirely of solid steel with gold-tone plating. Each dial is hydraulically stamped to showcase the Trefoil, and the limited-edition numbering is displayed on a plaque mounted to the left side of the watch case. Price: £350

2. ‘Nordgreen‘ Philosopher – Rose Gold, Pink Leather Ladies Watch

Nordgreen Philosopher - Rose Gold Pink Leather

Nordgreen’s Philosopher with interchangeable straps merges a classic and contemporary style watch in a beautifully designed time-piece. The conical-shaped case has a wider base than face, creating a sharp two-piece dial that draws our eye to the centre of the timepiece, to the now! The elevated watch case, clean brushed look, and tugging lugs provide the finishing touches to the watch’s unique design. The interchangeable straps allow you to customise your Philosopher to every style. Carry it with you and the stories you’ll create with the timeless Philosopher makes it one to keep hold of for the grandchildren. Price: £164

3. ‘DKNY‘ White faux leather strap Ladies Watch 

Bring some DKNY glamour to your look, with this gleaming white strap watch. Its round white dial features sleek silver hour markers and matching silver bezel, adorned with diamonds. It’s white so goes with any colour outfit and great for the summer. Founded in 1989 in New York, DKNY continues to give us sleek yet glamorous designs for an affordable price. Price: £99.99

4. ‘Rotary Brown Leather Strap Men’s watch 

A classic men’s design perfect for any occasion featuring rectangular champagne coloured date dial, and brown mock crock strap a change from the usual black leather strap. Rotary Watches Limited was founded in 1895 and is an award-winning worldwide brand of classic timepieces. Rotary is dedicated to creating beautiful watches with timeless elegance and specialise in designing affordably stylish timepieces, blending the ‘old with the new’ and the ‘contemporary with the classic’ to achieve a distinctive range of watches. Price: £99.99

5. ‘Guess‘ Animal Print Ladies Watch

Featuring a gold-tone bracelet strap with brushed and high-shine metal detailing, a round dial with a crystal-studded frame and a jewelled leopard print face. Since 1981, Guess has continued to surprise us with their sexy but classic watches keeping Price: £135