The year isn’t over yet, but the internet is buzzing with PR stunts, to get us the viewers to take note of their new product, item, movie or what ever else they want to see.

In terms of music video’s and adverts, the old way could have simply been to create an advert that get’s banned and that would have been enough to send hits through the roof, with everything trying to find the banned campaign.

Today however this isn’t enough, PR companies and creatives have to be, well err more creative in order to get our attention. We want to been drawn in via clever and witty trailers and graphics, the kind of imagery that makes you stop and stare for a moment, or even better, share with your friends.

Here’s 5 PR stunts that we have liked this year.

1. Ex_Machina 

ex machina

Ex_Machina used the ever so popular Tinder App to catfish users into trying to date the robot Ava. WTF? Yes that is what we thought at first, until we looked a little deeper and realised its a clever campaign. “Ava” asked questions such as “Have you ever been in love?” and “What makes you human” before ultimately sending a link to her Instagram page, which revealed the nature of the stunt.

2. British Airways.

After personally using the Oculus head set at the Red Bull Air Race on the 16th August, we had to place this British Airway PR stunt on the list. Using the Oculus virtual reality headset, British Airways gave members of the public the chance to get as close to US experiences as possible without boarding a plane.

3. Smirnoff


We loved the beautiful visuals behind the Smirnoff Vodka adverts created by RPM. The limited edition Smirnoff Vodka adverts recreated the bottle as the fruit itself, sliced to reveal the fruit in its natural form, are pretty spectacular.

4. The Oscar selfie


Remember that selfie? Of course you do. The selfie that was taken by actor Bradley Cooper and featuring Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, and Kevin Spacey, which was retweeted more than 2 million times before the ceremony ended. Well reports say that Samsung paid $20 million to get the Oscars host to stage the selfie and that 32.8 million people saw the picture. Pretty expensive right?

5. Carlsberg, Dove and Swimsuits for all.


Remember the who hoo-hah in April 2015 about the Beach Body adverts from Protein World? The photo above got banned from all tube station’s and started a media frenzy on body shape. Dove and Swimsuits for all quickly retaliated with the images below.

However Carlsberg took the more tongue in cheek approach and published this advert below right next to the Protein World advert before it had got banned. Talk about speedy work. Are You Beer Body Ready?


What has been your favourite PR stunts? Leave your comments below