Does your iPhone seem to permanently be on charge? If so you wouldn’t be alone. Battery life is one of the main complaints iPhone users have, but did you know there could be a simple reason behind it? Below you will discover five top reasons why your iPhone may be running out of battery quicker than it should.

  1. Your GPS tracker is on

Did you know that many of your phone’s apps use the GPS tracker to get information about your location? Many of these apps aren’t using the information for anything useful. Instead they are simply draining your battery life. Turn off the feature by going into settings, choosing the privacy tab and then location services. This is a useful tip that many iPhone users don’t know about.

  1. It may be broken

One simple explanation for your iPhone constantly running out of battery could be that the battery is dying. If the phone has only recently started having problems with charging up and you’ve had it quite a while, there is a very good chance the battery might need replacing. This doesn’t have to be expensive. For best results, send it to a reliable repair company such as They will often repair and send the phone back the next day.

  1. Keeping apps open

Another common and easy mistake that people make is to not properly close down the apps they aren’t using. If you don’t close them down in the correct way, they will remain dormant in the background, gradually draining your phone’s battery. As mentioned on Buzzfeed, all you need to do to close your apps is double click the main button and swipe down and up to remove apps. If there are apps there that you will likely not use again, it would be a good idea to delete them.

  1. Your brightness levels are too high

It might seem like a good idea to have your screen’s brightness levels on the highest setting. However, you’d be surprised just how much this actually drains the battery. Be sure to turn off the automatic brightness setting and turn the brightness down as much as you can stand it.

  1. You aren’t making use of airplane mode

If you find yourself in an area where your phone keeps going in and out of signal, it saves more battery power if you switch to airplane mode. This will stop the phone trying to constantly find a signal. Switch it off when you get into a better coverage area.

As you can see, the majority of reasons as to why your battery might be dying frequently are usually pretty simple and easy to fix. If you’ve tried everything and it still hasn’t helped then the issue could be the phone itself. It may need fixing and it may not be covered by your contract. So be sure to use the services of a reliable, affordable company. Battery problems are common and they aren’t usually anything serious. However, it is better to be sure so it might be worth taking it to a repair centre anyway if the tips above don’t work.

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