2022 is shaping up to be a vacation year for many people around the world, and understandably so.

After two-plus years of COVID19 related lockdowns and restrictions, people are naturally now ready to release some of the stress that the pandemic has brought. As summer approaches, many people around the world, and definitely those in the UK, are setting their sights on relaxation and rejuvenation. But should you travel overseas for your vacation? Or should you look to the local vacation options? Here are five reasons to favour staycations over offshore vacations.

It Is Usually Less Expensive Than an Offshore Vacation

Staycations eliminate the expensive travelling costs associated with international vacations. For most local getaways, you can drive your own car or hire a taxi which is usually cheaper than air or sea travel. Additionally, many overseas hotels come with additional costs that make them more expensive than the accommodations back home.

Staycations are Easier to Access

A staycation comes with less hassle than an offshore vacation. From shorter, simpler travelling requirements to the elimination of the documentation required for international travel, staycations offer an easier transition into vacation mode. Vacationers who opt to stay local don’t need to worry about things like visa and passport requirements or customs regulations.

Staycations Support the Local Economy

When you opt for local getaways, you are supporting your local economy. Staycations help to keep local accommodations and attractions in business, and this means employment for millions of workers in the sector. This employment and positive business performance spill over into other sections of the local economy.

Staycations Have Less Impact on the Environment

Since staycations often include shorter journeys, they have smaller carbon footprints than offshore vacations. People who choose to stay local are therefore doing the planet, and by extension mankind’s future, a huge favour.

UK Staycations Reignite Patriotic Passions While Offering Excellent Experiences

UK vacationers who choose to stay within the shores of the country often find that in addition to enjoying a marvellous experience, they emerge with reignited national passion and pride as they rediscover the wonderful events of UK culture, history, and natural resources. The Manor of Groves Hotel in Hertfordshire, for example, offers local and international guests a splendid vacation characterized by fine cuisine, pristine accommodations and facilities, and world-class entertainment.

Staycations are hassle-free, patriotic, and cost-effective ways to unwind and recharge your batteries.