We recently had the pleasure of visiting The Light Lounge London situated between Soho and Covent Garden for cocktails and live music.

You could easily walk past The Light Lounge and not realise it’s right there in front of you, waiting for you to enter. Here’s 5 Reasons you should visit the Light Lounge.

1. The Cocktails.

The light Lounge is small and intimate, with ambient lighting and a very impressive cocktails list. Yes we said very impressive cocktail list that spans across 4 pages from their menu. During our visit we tried 2 cocktails from the ‘Long and Icy’ list, The Light Lounge Smash (£10.50) One of their signature cocktails! Which was a blend of Hennessy Fine de Cognac, lemon, cardamom syrup, plum jam & ginger ale. Absolutely lovely and the Bianchissimo (£9.50) A refreshing mixture of Ketel One Vodka, peach, lychee, Martini Bianco, cranberry & lemon. Long and easy to drink with a blackberry version available also. Delicious.

2. The Cocktails.

You’re probably thinking we made a typo by placing cocktails at no.1 and no.2. No we didn’t, we had to place it twice as their cocktail list is pretty awesome. So moving on from the ‘Long and Icy’ list we flipped the page and tried a cocktail from the ‘Short and Delicious’ section on the menu. Step in the Coconut and Caraway Sour (£11.00) loaded with Don Julio tequila, Koko Kanu coconut rum, kummel, lemon juice, simple & egg white unite in this funky tequila drink and we also took a drink from the ‘Served Up’ section namely the Heart-breaker (£10.00) the menu for this one reads “A sensual drink even more romantic than flowers, created from Tanqueray gin, lychee liqueur, lemon juice, cucumber syrup & plum bitters”. You cannot take someone on a date night to the Light Lounge without tasting the Heart Breaker right?

The Light Lounge London seating

3. Birthdays

The size and shape of the Light Lounge makes it perfect for birthdays or after work drinks in central London, the curved seats means no one is left out as you all face each other which keeps the convo flowing and before you know you will all be laughing and chatting away while drinking their lovely cocktails. Whoops we said cocktails again. We would recommend this place for intimate birthday drink up to 8 people or so.

4. The Staff

We found the staff to be pleasant and friendly, and helping us decided which errr cocktails to drink was nice as you can easily get lost in their menu. We really like it when staff members actually know what the drinks taste like rather than playing roulette from the cocktail list. The Light Lounge also serves many other drinks as well as wines, spirits and beers, but if you visit, then you simple must try the cocktails.

5. Location, location, location.

As mentioned earlier the Light Lounge is situated between Soho and Covent Garden. With Soho being host to many a Chinese restaurant, you can drink as much as you like and then dine on authentic Chinese cuisine or Thai until your hearts content and guess what? We don’t seeing a kebab shop in sight. How perfect is that?

Visit www.thelightloungelondon.com for more info or simply turn up and enjoy yourselves.