Hakkasan Hanway Place gallery

On a recent visit to Hakkasan Hanway Place, we enjoyed the delights of Hakkasan’s Dim Sum Sunday menu.

If you haven’t visited this branch of Hakkasan, it’s literally tucked, one minute away from Tottenham Court Road in, probably one of the most unsuspecting streets you could imagine. However, as soon as you arrive at the door, you will instantly realise you have arrived.

Hakkasan is currently celebrating the ancient Chinese culinary ritual of dim sum at both Hakkasan Hanway Place and Hakkasan Mayfair with Dim Sum Sunday. The tradition of yum cha, the act of drinking tea and eating dim sum with friends and family, has developed over hundreds of years. It has its roots in the providing of sustenance and the facilitating of rest and conversation. Dim sum means ‘touching the heart’ in Cantonese.

Here are 5 reasons we love Dim Sum Sunday’s at Hakkasan…

1. Ambience

Hakkasan is the perfect restaurant for date nights or dinners with family and friends. The ambiently lit restaurant sets the tone for a truly wonderful evening of delightful food and drinks along with the pleasant staff with a high level of customer care, who welcome you on your arrival. Hakkasan effervescence is surreal.

2. Dim Sum Sunday

If you like or love Dim Sum, then Hakkasan’s Dim Sum Sunday is perfect. The Dim Sum Sunday set menu comes in 3 options. Standard £50pp, Signature £62pp and the ultimate date night winning, Louis Roederer Cristal £120pp option. You can choose either the Vegetarian or Meat option and each option comes with a starting salad, a selection of Dim Sum, a main, a side and a sweet treat to end… Not only do you get all of the above, but you also get a choice of cocktails too. Speaking of cocktails, this brings us to number 3.

3. Hakkasan Cocktails

As mentioned above, you get a choice of cocktails with your Dim Sum Sunday options. We chose the 10th Emperor (Tanqueray No. Ten gin, blackcurrant, elderflower, lemon and honey) and the Seville 33 (Diplomático Mantuano rum, Grand Marnier, marmalade and chocolate bitters). Both delightful cocktails, however, we would recommend the 10th Emperor, as this is a cocktail that might blow your mind. It’s not quite like any other cocktails we have tasted of late.

4. Hakkasan Sweet Treats 

I’m usually the person that skips desserts… But the Hakkasan Sweet Treats are NOT to be missed. Small enough to not feel gluttonous and sweet enough to give you, second wind, its the ideal pick me after a food coma and it’s displayed is such a lovely way, you simply get childlike while licking the Venezuela dark chocolate and Zephyr white chocolate lollipops.

Sweet Treats at Hakkasan
Sweet Treats at Hakkasan

5. The End (or is it?)

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end…  However, with Hakkasan Dim Sum Sunday running every week, you may find yourself visiting the restaurant a few times per month. The Resident DJ, Pathaan, will be playing from 1pm until 5pm every Sunday and on the last Sunday of every month, Hakkasan will host a live music performance accompanying the DJ. So don’t delay, book right away.

Christmas timings: Hakkasan will be hosting Dim Sum Sundays on Sunday 23rd December, Boxing Day, Sunday 30th December, New Year’s Eve from 12pm until 3pm and New Year’s Day.

For more information, or to book now, simply visit