For many years I have been in love with the ultra sultry and uber sexy brand Agent Provocateur.

There is something visually stunning about their ad campaigns and their lingerie that can turn even the lowest levels of pornographic thoughts into high-end acceptability.

Ask any women you know, and she will probably say “Oh I love Agent Provocateur”, I have yet to find a women that doesn’t dream of owning a set of Agent Provocateur Lingerie.

The only thing that separate’s every women on the planet owning this brand is the price. Unless you have a really good pay check or are a lingerie junkie, it will cost you the price of a small trip aboard to own a set.

In steps L’Agent by Agent Provocateur. The sister brand or should I say diffusion line that has all the decorative lines of Agent Provocateur and has all the sensuality, but for a fraction of the cost. L’Agent by Agent Provocateur is actually highly affordable (notice that I haven’t used the word ‘cheap’, because cheap it’s not) and with a pantie and bra set starting from around sixty pounds, Valentine’s, birthday’s or simply sexy shopping days just got fun.

I’m in love with this Marion set below

Mariana - L'Agent By Agent Provocateur
Mariana – L’Agent By Agent Provocateur

The mesh cut outs and shapes are such a turn on, the ever so slight bondage type effect with make any red bloody man or women mind you, crumble at their knees and you know what time it is when someone is on their knee’s right? Oral Time.

Danita - L'Agent By Agent Provocateur
Danita – L’Agent By Agent Provocateur

If You are fan of the women in red effect then the Danita set above is the one for you. With its sleek lines, and low-cut bra and dashing red material, you will be simply irresistible rocking this sexy little number.

Penelope - L'Agent By Agent Provocateur
Penelope – L’Agent By Agent Provocateur

I’m also a little lost for words when I see the Penelope set above, the waspie that covers the mid riff makes my imagination run wild. Why? I’m not quite sure but when I do pin point the thing that compels me with such velocity that I have to write about it, I will let you all know.

Vanessa - L'Agent By Agent Provocateur
Vanessa – L’Agent By Agent Provocateur – Flavourmag

And isn’t Vanessa a looker? In pure white this suspender set is probably the most versatile lingerie item by L’Agent, versatile yet uber sexy, you can probably wear this underneath many a dress or just a coat if you like to play like that. Ok it probably wouldn’t work underneath a bodycon style dress, but let’s face it, if you are trying to turn him or her on in a bodycon, you may as well wear nothing underneath.

If like me you love “doggy style” then this Rosalyn piece is pretty spectacular. You know that moment when he see’s you and tries to rip of your brand new underwear, while he is unaware that it’s cost you a small fortune and he is tugging at the clamps and getting all frustrated, well…

Rosalyn - L'Agent By Agent Provocateur
Rosalyn – L’Agent By Agent Provocateur

The Rosalyn puts an end to all of that, he or she need not remove anything, all you have to do a literally bend over or fall to your knees (I see to have a thing for falling on knees) and on all fours and your ready for action. Sexy Right? Yeah I know, it’s so sexy that I can’t even right anymore, I mean write anymore. I think I going to leave this article as is and go and….