Luminites, a band comprised of Steph, JJ, Corey and Ben, who sailed through to the final of Britain’s Got Talent with comments from Simon Cowell such as “the British black eyed peas” and he even “thanked god for delivering Luminites”. This band is fresh, amazingly talented, and so unique. They are perfect for the current music industry. This band is going to be huge. We have outlined 5 reasons why Luminites are going to hit the charts.

(Watch the music video to their brand new debut single “do something” out November 10th, but available to pre order now!)

1. They are Fresh
Luminites are unique and fresh; their blend of beat boxing singing, rapping and guitar playing gives a whole new dimension to the music industry. These artists give an original and exciting sound to music. They do this seamlessly. This foursome use their undoubted talents to write and produce different yet incredible music that you want to listen to and would want to download, helping this band to eventually take the charts by storm.

2 . They are genuine
Luminites are the most genuine and down to earth pop stars. This has allowed this group to generate an unbelievable following and group of fans on twitter and Facebook. Their interaction with their fans is unlike many other stars. They really do treasure their fans, which has allowed them to build up a relationship with them which will be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Luminites mission of hitting the charts.

3. They are current
This band is a group of young people; they know how to target the current generation which influences the charts as they themselves are part of it. Luminites’ music is one which the people who buy music will want to listen to.

4. They are appealing
Luminites are appealing and by this we mean many things. Firstly their personalities are very likeable, they are extremely kind people. Secondly their music is one which you want to listen to and lastly they are not bad on the eye! Steph is a beautiful young lady and a great role model for young girls. The boys are also very good looking, which gives them an extra boost.

Our final but most important reason is that Luminites are all individually talented and ultimately talented as a group. They bring all their talents together to make a perfect combination that really is the luminites. This gives them the stepping stone to dominate the charts.

(Watch Luminites cover of Sinead O’conner’s “Nothing Compares To You”)

We see this band taking the music charts and dominating them as they really are the full round package that deserve every success that they achieve.

Written by Sara Cash