Just in case you hadn’t noticed, The Scarletz are back in business and this time they seem bigger, bolder and more colourful than ever. Its a hard task to get 4 super stunning girls that can actually sing into a girl band, but it seems like The Scarletz have actually done it. Here are our 5 reason why we love The Scarletz.


1. What you need to know about The Scarletz
The Scarletz are a four piece group who go by the names of Tahnee, Claire, Katiya and Oli. They have already self-proclaimed the pop noir. The girls have also made their mark on the scene with their enraptured live band performances.

2. Performances
The girls have performed at such great venues all over London and outside such as Brighton and the Isle of Wight to build up such a great fan base, these are called ‘The Scarleteerz’ who the girls love to interact over twitter and facebook.

3. They are not just like any other girl bands
With a unique style and different sounds from your Girls Aloud and The Saturdays, their influences are from All Saints to Blondie.

4. Other artists are fans
Lee Ryan revealed that he is a fan of the girls by sending the girls a tweet ‘@LeeRyanMusic: @TheScarletz @ScarletzTeam @scarletzfever @TheScarletzFR I wanna come see you play! When you playing next. Lee x.’ Also it was revealed that Jessie J is a fan of the girls when they debuted their video for Killer.

5. Great songs
From going to a ska sound with ‘Messed Up’ with much more maturer songs like ‘EON’ and ‘Killer Instinct’, the girls have grown into their own and finding what sound suits them. Other songs like The Great War is about being involved in the war and Happy Now is finding out if you are happy in a relationship.

Be sure to check out the girls on twitter @TheScarletz and on facebook

Words by Lauren Bayram follow her on twitter NOW @LaurenFlavour_x