couple working from home - home printer

With technology advancing immensely, you may be wondering what the benefits of having a printer at home are.

We get it, you can sometimes struggle to find a place for them and you need to replace the ink when it runs low. But honestly, a home printer can help in many areas – and not just with the kids’ homework.

Save time

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing the words “please print, sign and return” on an email only to discover that you can’t print it. You may need to go to the library, ask a friend, or hit print while at work and have to hurry over to the printer to collect your forms before Sandra in accounting discovers them on the output tray. Instead, with a printer neatly perched on a shelf somewhere in your home (thank you wireless connections), you can hit print from the comfort of your sofa, sign the documents and scan them back.

Can help with hobbies

A printer isn’t just for documents and life admin; it can help with your hobbies too. Ever fancied opening up a little business selling prints, cards and inspirational quotes. If your printer can print on good card stock you can make a pretty penny on the side of your day job. You don’t even have to sell them. If you’re a lover of motivational quotes framed around your home, you can create them for yourself, saving you money.

Allows you to digitise documents

All-in-one printers are fantastic in helping to organise the paper world. While this takes a lot of time you can create digital copies of anything with help from your printer’s built-in scanner. Whether it’s important mortgage documents, your birth certificate or marriage certificate, you can digitise these incase the hard copy ever gets lost or you’re required to email them to someone. You can also use your scanner to put old family photos on the computer so you never have to misplace a photograph again.

Printing photos

Not only can a printer help digitise your photographs, but you can use your printer to print them off. Invest in high-quality photo paper and ensure the ink levels are topped up before hitting print. Your home printer can help release all of the long-forgotten photos trapped on your smartphone and bring them to life around your home.


As well as helping with admin, you can use your printer to help keep you and the kids entertained. Online you can find a range of printable activities from colouring to sudokus. Perfect for the weekends or your next adventure away. No more will you need to make a stop to grab an activity pack from the service station.

So while technology is evolving and we are moving to a more digital-based society, printers still have a purpose in our homes. From helping with admin to preserving memories, the printer has been around for many years and it’s here to stay – working hand-in-hand with the digital world. Check out the affordable printer supplies available from the likes of Toner Giant.