If you are yet to see “AMY“, the documentary film about the late Amy Whinehouse then I suggest you get a move on.

This film will not only show you Amy’s story through her own eyes but it will also open your eyes to the world of music and show you just how much of the business is truly controlled solely by money grabbing hands. Health and addiction battle sadly comes last!

The heart melting film opens with a home made video clip of a happy 14 year old Amy at a friends birthday sleepover. A huge smile is plastered across her face which is a rare image throughout the rest of the film, if not her life. She happily sings a unique version of “happy birthday” to her friend which shows off her raw talent from a young age. Here’s 5 reasons why we think you should book a cinema seat now –


The film tells the story from the start of Whinehouse’s music career with the recording process and release of her debut album “Frank”. The debut album is a pure Jazz album which Amy states was heavily influenced by her idols such as Jazz legend Tony Bennett. One of the stand out quotes from Amy which came from an interview right at the start of her career was “I wouldn’t be able to handle it, I would go mad”. A statement which was made by the star when she was asked how famous she thought she would become. This is a quote that really stands out and a quote that makes you start to understand exactly what happened to the young legend!


After the success of “Frank” it was understandable why her management and record label was constantly on her back for a new album. Amy however had other plans. Amy was in her late teens/early tweenties and wanted to live a simple life in London. Hitting up local bars with friends and enjoying alcohol was what Amy clearly loved. In one of these bars was a young man called Blake Fielder. A young man who would play a vital part in Amy’s short lived life. It’s extremely obvious to see, from the start, that Amy was just a girl that had a lot of love to give and a girl that just wanted to be loved. She found this in Blake. Over a world-wind few months or so Amy and Blake’s relationship came to an end with Blake returning to his ex girlfriend. This tipped Amy’s world upside down and brought her severe heartbreak. With heartbreak comes song lyrics, “Back To Black” was written. “Back To Black” is an album with a Jazz and Hip Hop blend which made Amy’s sound more appealing to commercial music platforms and lovers. With this spin on her sound it brought unimaginable success for Whinehouse which meant much more unwanted media attention. Something that Amy never ever wanted. “Leave me alone and the music will come”, “The more people see of me the more people will see that I’m only good at making music” are two more quotes that came straight from the horses mouth at the beginning of her career. As we all know the media never listened to Amy’s wishes. Why? Because pictures, videos and stories of Amy Whinehouse sold newspapers!


After the release of her second album Blake was back in Amy’s live and a quick wedding ceremony was performed making them Mr and Mrs Fielder. Blake Fielder then went on to introduce Herion and Crack Cocaine to, a young and deeply in love, Amy which they binged on together regularly. This soon became an addiction that Amy found hard to deal with. It was clear to see that what ever Blake did, felt, saw or heard Amy wanted to do, feel, see and hear too. She was in uncontrollable love, a drug in its self. Her friends fought extremely hard for Amy’s welfare against her management and record label. It even resulted in one friend stealing her passport to stop them from making her go on tour across America when she was so obviously unstable. It was clear to see that her work colleagues and even some of her family only saw pound signs and not the downfall of a young, weak and venerable girl.


With Fielder away in prison and after a scary overdose resulting in a hospital visit, Amy finally fought the drug addiction and got herself clean. Alcohol however remained a huge part in her live. At this point in her life the singer decided to leave the UK behind for a care free few weeks over seas. After seeing media pictures of Amy enjoying life in St Lucia with a male companion Blake filled for divorce on the terms of infidelity, causing Amy further heartache. That aside her success continued to grow and awards came from all different platforms including The Grammys.


Sadly success could not keep Amy T-Total and after an emotional apology to her closest friends, Whinehouse sadly passed away that evening from an alcohol binge resulting in her heart shutting down on July 23rd 2011. Alcohol was not solely to blame and throughout the film you learn about the stars battle with bulimia. A legend that was taken too soon!

So there you have it, 5 reasons why “AMY” is a must see. The film portrays the happy and sad moments of a young girls live who had an undeniable real passion for music that simply can not be put into words. It also portrays the pressure of the music business and the shameful way that the business works. Amy Whinehouse touched every individual that she ever met and she had a heart full of love! Rest in peace Amy Whinehouse.