I mean I don’t want to toot my own horn here but I am going to now anyway. It’s hard to explain it to people who haven’t travelled solo on their own before, but I am sure you can tell the difference between the ones who have, and the ones who haven’t.

Before I became a travelling maniac I used to date men who hadn’t even left Australia before. Now that I have met solo travellers I can really feel the difference. They are just on a whole other level of life, and it inspires and ignites something in you to appreciate yours. So I decided to give you 5 reasons to date solo travellers.

1. Freedom

Dating a solo travellers will understand that sometimes you will need your freedom without having to question you. We get it, sometimes we just need some space to do your own thing. We want it as much as you do.

2. Adventures 

You’ll be introduced to a world you never knew existed. They will be excited about life and want you to see how much beauty there is in this world. No day will be normal or the same, even a simple road trip will open your eyes to something new and incredible.

3. Independence

Solo traveller are very independent. They won’t be hanging off you everyday asking where you are or who you are messaging. We’re independent, we understand in order to be with someone you first have to be content and be able to be independent at times to fully enjoy being in relationship.

4. Simplicity 

They’ll make you appreciate the simple things in life, you know the stuff we always forget about. Time becomes so much more precious once you have travelled the world and experienced different cultures. We start to enjoy the simple things in life, and that is the true beauty of living.

5. Helpers

Solo travellers have a kind heart and love to help others. So many times we have been stranded or stuck in a not very pretty situation and it would be a complete stranger that bails us out. It’s with these moments that we want to help others as well.

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