rio brazil

Brazil is a country that has everything you could dream of. All the beautiful exotic landscapes you could ask for, and out of this world experiences you will never forget.

Whilst many people think it’s just a party place, Rio is more than that. Rio is a place where you can blend in with the crowd. Even let your freak flag fly (if you want to) and everyone will think absolutely nothing about it. I managed to travel to Rio after Argentina and it is definitely a place I want to explore more another time.

Below are my best 5 reasons on why you should travel to Rio, Brazil.

Maggie tra in Brazil

The sunsets are amazing

There is nothing more beautiful then watching a sunset in a country for the very first time. I managed to capture on by the docks and in the background was Christ the Redeemer. Many locals were out and about drinking on the side of the streets with a beer in hand enjoying each others company.

Maggie tra in Brazil

The beach is crazy cool

Copacabana is nuts, full of people and is quite long. While it may get a bit hectic after a while, it is definitely a place you need to check out. What other beach could you get beers, empanadas and bikinis sold you whilst you’re laying down getting your tan on. Not to mention you can go to other little beaches with the Sugarloaf mountain as a background.

Maggie tra in Brazil

The people are full of life and give zero f***s

Brazilians know how to live their lives and they are not afraid about doing it. They are so welcoming and very rarely will you encounter any negative energy from the locals.

Maggie tra in Brazil

Campinas & coconuts!

I mean you can’t go wrong with the birthplace of campinas right? A sip of that with a few mates is all you need.


Enjoy the marvels of Christ the Redeemer

Even if you don’t go to see Christ the Redeemer, you can still see him in the background of everywhere. It may look like a tiny spec from a distance, but once you get up there you get a sore neck from looking up at him for so long.

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