Its Christmas party season this month, and we all get a bit excited about the opportunity of having an open bar on the companies expense, as well as the dream we all have of maybe getting the chance to hook up with that one lady in the office that everyone fancies.

Most Christmas parties end up be the same old s*@t year one year and nothing more than a free drinking fest.

We decided to give you 5 reasons in pictures why you wish you booked the Fuel Girls for your Christmas Party, or any other party for that matter.

1. They like to play with FIRE.

Photo Credit: Oliver Ellis (OKE Photography)

2. They probably look better than your girlfriend in a Santa’s outfit.


3. During their performance they provide the perfect distraction to make a move on the hot secretary without the rest of the team noticing. Plus if she blows you out, you can sneak back to the lads without them realising you had left.


4. You can be the envy of all your friends, if you photo-bomb their performance. How many likes to you think this old man got on facebook eh?


5. There is a strong, we hope, possibility that one of the Fuel Girls could be single. So don’t get too drunk too quickly, you will need to be on top form in order to be able to whisper in a fuel girls ear, without you looking like every other desperate man at every event that they perform at.


6. We were only supposed to right 5 reasons, but they are pretty spectacular so we thought we would throw in a bonus item to our list. The Fuel Girls make girl on girl action look like fine art, rather than porn. Do you agree?


This article has just reminded me that I must buy some Agent Provocateur for my girlfriend this Christmas.

Check out their website and follow them on twitter now @THEFUELSGIRLS 

All images taken from the fuel girls instagram and or facebook

Have we missed any points? if so then leave your comments below.