5 Savings You Can Only Make Online

The internet is a wonderful thing and there are many ways to save money that are only available online. We can take a look at some of the best savings and how to get them. It’s important to know these and save yourself a packet.

Paperless Billing

It’s something you’ve no doubt have heard of as a way of saving the environment to switch to paperless billing and receive your bills and statements for financial products such as bank accounts, credit cards and store cards via an online account or email. This not only is good for the environment but saves companies a huge amount in paper, printing and postage costs not to mention the staff time used to do this. These savings the company makes are often offered to the customers as well in some ways, giving you the option of a discount on your bill.

Music, Books, Film & TV

Gone are the days when everyone owned all of their media in physically available form, we have the option of streaming music via Spotify or Amazon Music and can watch video content on a variety of platforms from Netflix, YouTube and many more, even books are often read on an e-book reader with some more specialist titles not being printed on paper at all, this is also true of many newspapers and magazines. The cost of these services is far lower as the distribution of non-physical media does not incur any transport costs such as in the old days.

Household Bills

If you are prepared to have your energy bills completely online then you can save a packet here as well. It is even the easiest way to check and compare energy on Simply Switch to give you the best tariff and cost for your household. You will then be able to also take advantage of the afore-mentioned paperless billing discounts as well.

Holidays & Flights

You can search and book flights hotels and whole package holidays at a much lower cost than if you used the traditional route of employing the services of a travel agent. You can compare deals via internet search engines for travel and piece together your own packages of hotels, flights and attractions. Another good aspect of it is that you can book directly with foreign attractions via their websites. Places such as theme parks like Disneyland Europe would have been unobtainable other than through an agent as you would need the details and the phone number etc and these days you can cut out that middle man and book directly.

Consumer Goods

Every type of consumer goods are available to buy from cheaper online retailers these days, you can buy white goods, TVs, etc from large operators who have no expensive stores to operate and just large warehouses with great distribution networks which keeps costs as low as possible. These give you the best price possible and as with everything else you can research this from the comfort of your own home.