Online dating has become ingrained in our everyday lives. Numerous matchmaking sites including free online dating one make it easier and faster search for a compatible person.

Nevertheless, this way of finding one’s love is often criticised. Many people believe that relationships that began in the cyberspace can’t last long and are doomed ignoring that real-life relationships maybe tough enough and do not necessarily lead to the marriage. Read on the below signs you need to watch while dating offline to avoid destructive relationships.

  1. Listen to yourself

First of all, look really hard inside yourself. If the first thing you feel about your relationships is sadness, loneliness and disappointment, it is the first sign saying that something goes wrong. One of the reasons why you feel so is that you don’t get anything back. If a partner has million things that are much more important than you or a date with you, the above feelings will definitely become your default status.

  1. Do not stay in the shadows

Another dangerous sign is that your relationships are kept in secret. You spend time together, your friends and relatives know your significant one. Though, your attempts to know closer your partner are still in vain. You have not seen either any family member or any friend. Some people try to discuss that to clarify situation before taking a final decision. Yet they would hardly hear the truth.

  1. Take care of your self-esteem

Your partner needs you to change for better relationship. You have been dating for one month and just celebrated this event when you partner sounded off about your hobby, childhood friends, your goals and dreams. It means the significant one want you to become another someone else meaning his/her image of an ideal person for them. They do not want to accept your personality with all your merits and flaws.

  1. Don’t anybody let criticise you

Another wake-up call is constant criticism. In the early stage it emerges under the guise of jets that are not taking seriously. Then nitpicking is the next stage, and after all buck-naked criticism ruins your self-esteem and confidence. You may catch yourself at doubting in your abilities and talents. That is the right moment to say ‘Stop! Enough”.

  1. Pay your attention to habits

While dating many men and women are so charmed by their new significant ones that tend to look on the bright sides of them. Bad habits remain unnoticed. And yet, people rarely change their habits. In case those habits are quite questionable they will surely affect your life not in a good way. If those habits relate to drinking often, doing drugs and going out without you, it is better not to waste your time in attempt to ‘heal’ you partner.

Breaking up is always painful and hard. Nevertheless, try not to dwell on this experience. Don’t give up and take your chances on online dating sites and apps that are always here to help you in searching for the significant one who will make you happy.