There are two things that almost all people love; travelling and saving money.

If you belong to this global group, you should keep reading because we gathered several tips on how to save money on airport car parking while you are out there roaming the world. The tips below are applicable to travellers from all over the world no matter where they are going. So, let’s cut straight to the chase!

1. Travel with friends

Travelling solo means that you have got the freedom to do whatever you want, but travelling with friends means that you can share expenses. This applies to everything; from accommodation to airport parking or car hire. Not to mention that you don’t have to worry about being short of cash during your trip; if necessary, your mates will lend you some money.

2. Compare airport car park prices

One of the most important things when you want to save money on anything is to compare prices. The same goes for cheap airport parking. You should look for all the available car parks near the airport you’re flying from and note down all their amenities and their prices. Websites like are useful because they provide drivers with a list of the pricing and a customer rating for car parks at major airports, making it super easy for drivers to compare car parks and book a spot at the best one.

3. Off-site car parking

It is certain that the further a car park is from the airport, the cheaper it is to book a space. If you don’t mind having to start your journey early so that you have got enough time to complete the process of leaving your car at the car park and to be transferred to the airport, then booking a space at an off-site car park is a great way to save money on airport car parking.

4. Look for special discounts

Businesses of all kinds come up with special offers and discounts in order to attract new customers. Even airport car parks do this. If you are too shy to call or ask an employee face to face, you should check their website or search the Net for promo codes or any other scheme that might be going on. You should make sure that you know and understand the rules and conditions that may apply to a specific offer.

5. Find the cheapest transport option

An increase in petrol prices has made many people question their unconditional preference for road trips. If you feel like airport parking goes over your budget, you should look for the cheapest transport types in your area. It is possible that leaving your car at home and going to the airport by bus or the underground is the smartest way to save money on travelling in general and on airport car parking in particular.

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