French Polynesia

After 18 months spent at home unable to travel further than the local corner shop, it’s hard to imagine turning down your typical holiday haunt – many of us would give our right arm for a trip to Magaluf or Benidorm at the moment.

However, just because we’ve been starved of the chance for a change of scenery, it doesn’t mean we should settle for the first destination that comes to mind.

If you dream of big and bold adventures to unique locations, these are just 5 destinations out of the ordinary that will broaden your travel horizons.

1. Islands of French Polynesia

Divided into five groups, French Polynesia is comprised of 118 islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. You’ll be familiar with some of the more popular of these, like Tahiti and Bora Bora, but beyond these, there is so much more to explore.

Home to some of the world’s healthiest reefs, the destination boasts excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities for the ocean lovers out there.

Whether you’re looking for a family holiday or a romantic honeymoon, French Polynesia is the destination for you, and Easy Tahiti has a great guide to help you choose the right island!

2. Singapore

Often used as stopover for many trips to Australia, this small but incredible country is an excellent holiday destination in its own right.

With extraordinary greenery among the staggering skyscrapers, a mouth-watering array of street food markets, and more shopping centres than you can possibly imagine, there really is something for everyone.

3. Zimbabwe

Perhaps you’re after a different sort of travel experience.

If so, then why not trade in your quiet beaches and city sightseeing in favour of working as a volunteer. Organisations like Conservation Travel Africa can arrange for you to take part in projects which help protect some of the world’s most endangered wildlife.

If you’re ready for a true adventure, this could be your chance to experience the trip of a lifetime while helping the planet in the process.

4. Assateague Island

Located between Maryland and Virginia, Assateague Island is another ideal location for animal lovers.

An excellent place to connect with nature, this island is best known for its herds of wild horses who, according to local legend, are descended from the horses that survived a shipwreck off the Virginia coast

Check out what you can do on the National Park Service website!

5. Verona

“In fair Verona, where we lay our scene…”

Made most famous by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Verona is one of Northern Italy’s most popular tourist destinations. However, it is often overlooked in favour of cities such as Rome, Venice and Milan.

Steeped in ancient Roman history, the City of Verona has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and with its stunning architecture and attractions, such as the Verona Arena and Juliet’s Balcony, this stunning and historic location may just be the perfect place for your next city getaway.

Are you pushing the boat out with a trip to a destination you’ve never visited before? Tell us all about it in the comments below!