All-New Ford Fiesta

With the release of the All-New Ford Fiesta, we are glad to share with you these 5 Things You Did Not Know About the Ford Fiesta.

Special Screening

The all-new Fiesta’s heated leather steering wheel has been tested by Ford engineers to ensure it is resistant to damage or staining from sunscreen on the driver’s hands.

All-New Ford Fiesta

Sunscreen is just one of the everyday substances that were used to test the Fiesta interior. Leather seats are also designed to resist coffee spills, soil from dirty sports kit and even the dye from a new pair of denim jeans.

Is this seat taken?

How does Ford know the Fiesta’s seats will remain comfortable for the lifetime of the car? Robot buttocks “sat” in the seats 25,000 times to prove their durability.

The seat bolsters undergo 60,000 test cycles to ensure wear-resistance, and the seat material is checked for flexibility and comfort even after 24 hours at minus 30 degrees C.

Pressing engagement

Some of the all-new Fiesta’s body panels are made using a new manufacturing technology that analyses the noise frequencies produced during the stamping process, and can identify a component that will not meet Ford’s quality standards before it leaves the stamping machine.

All-New Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta factory in Cologne, Germany, produces a new Fiesta every 68 seconds and can build about 20,000 different variations of Fiesta in total.

Grand slam

The all-new Fiesta’s doors now require 20 per cent less effort to close, because of improvements to the air extractors inside the car. Innovative, concealed door edge protectors spring quickly into place when the doors are opened to protect both the Fiesta’s doors and those of cars parked alongside from dings and scrapes.

All-New Ford Fiesta

Inside the doors are doors are pressure sensors that enable restraint systems to be activated several milliseconds sooner in the event of a side impact.

Playlist perfection

To develop the all-new Fiesta’s B&O PLAY Sound System, engineers spent a year listening to more than 5,000 tracks to ensure the premium 675-watt audio system sounds great whether enjoying Adele, Foo Fighters or Jay-Z – or chilling out to classical music – no matter how quietly or loudly you play it.

All-New Ford Fiesta

Tested on the road in city centres, motorways and the countryside, the 10-speaker B&O PLAY system features a nine-channel amplifier for precise sound control, a centre dashboard speaker and a 200 mm subwoofer in the boot – while optional surround sound delivers a 360-degree sound stage experience.

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