Driving lessons

Sitting behind the wheel for the first time could be quite stressful, especially if you have zero experience.

Luckily, you may find useful tips that will help you tackle a lot of driving issues. Of course, practice makes it perfect, but you can learn a lot online to prepare you for the road.

Driving and getting a license are popular topics, so be careful while browsing the websites that offer driving tips. Some of them might not be safe. Therefore, use a service such as a VPN. It will mask your IP and prevent any data theft from your computer if you turn on this nifty app. Free trials and discounts depend on the VPN you select.

Get comfortable within a car

Not all vehicles are the same, and you have to be comfortable in the car you are driving. Start by learning the essentials: how to turn on the air conditioning, where the radio is, how to turn on the bright lights and clean the windshield. The easiest thing is to find the car’s manual. If that is not possible, you can always search for it online.

After you cover the basics, make the car feel comfortable to you. Adjust everything you can before hitting the road. For instance, fix the seat so that it fits your height. You should also be able to reach the pedals. Your knees shouldn’t feel constrained either. Don’t forget your side view and rearview mirrors too!

Drive a car in an empty parking lot

I wasn’t okay with getting onto the road right away, so I decided to practice in empty parking lots. Make sure there are no people or other cars around. Also, pick a parking lot close to your home. It will help you learn how your vehicle works and ease the potential fear of the open road. The best thing is that you can make mistakes and learn how to correct them without putting anyone in danger.

Don’t drive alone in the parking lot. Instead, always have someone by your side who can help out and give you tips. After all, the majority of places do require a licensed driver in the vehicle. They can help you clear up the things and make you feel calmer as well.

No distractions

Even though it is not uncommon to see people talking on their phones or texting while driving, you shouldn’t be one of them. It is one of the biggest distractions out there that can have a fatal outcome. Forget your phone while you are on the road. Safety should be a priority. You can always call or text back once you are out of the vehicle.

Phones are not the only distractions. Eating or drinking while driving is also high on the list. You can wander off and stop paying attention. Your passengers might make you take the eyes off the road. It is best to pick a companion who knows a lot about driving and could provide some useful advice instead of chatting you up.

Tackle the difficult things

Many novice drivers refuse to learn how to merge or practice parallel parking. These are quite tough but do them regularly. A member of your family or a friend could help you learn these skills one afternoon. Then all you have to do is practice.

You will not only become a better driver if you master proper merging, but everyone around you will feel way safer. Plus, parallel parking could be super useful if you live in an urban area. This skill is a bit tricky, so you will probably fail a couple of times, but you will get there. Don’t let it discourage you!

Follow the rules

Speeding is the leading cause of fatal accidents, so never go above the speed limit. The signs are there for a reason. Some drivers might not be too happy if you are following the rules and could tailgate you. Do your best to obey the traffic signs and don’t let anyone force you to drive faster. The impatient drivers can always pass you.

Also, keeping a safe distance between cars is highly recommended. We can’t stress this enough, especially in bad weather conditions when accidents usually occur. You need to have enough space to use the breaks, so don’t be too close to other vehicles in front of you.

Photo by Zahir Namane on Unsplash