We’ve all been there, done that and bought the t-shirt… the same t-shirt that the girl sat opposite you on the tube is wearing, and if I were to conduct a survey to see if this cringe wriggling scenario had happened to you at some point, then I’m pretty certain you would be nodding at me with a rather rosy glow.

So what are you to do when High Street stores tempt you in with their low prices and designer but still affordable collections tease you with their sparkle and shine?

Celeb’s like Daisy Lowe, Fearne Cotton, Kate Moss, Lily Allen, Mischa Barton and Paloma Faith demand attention in their incredibly diverse statement outfits, so what are you waiting for? Avoid those lip quivering moments and get shopping here in an altogether more unique way.

Here are my top 5 tips to help you dress a little bit more individually, here is how to dress Vintage.

daisy lowe

1. Get digging!
Remember when you were small and you used to try on your mum’s shoes? Well fast forward 10 years to present day, go have a look in her cupboard and see if she still has them. Our mum’s, nan’s and aunties seem to have got the notion that fashion will always recycle itself, so big thanks to my nan for her blouses that are older than me.

Mummys heels

2. Take a trip down memory lane!
Or to whichever lane, road, street that fabulous vintage and retro shops is lurking. Around London then you only need to stop off at Camden, Brick Lane or Portobello Market. In the heart of Manchester you can hang our in Afflecks, an outlet over five storeys, as well as Cow, Oxfam Originals and Retro Rehab. From London to Liverpool there’s Bullet, The Jumble People, Soho’s and Ryan’s Vintage to name a few.

brick lane

3. Charity begins at home!
The charity shop and I used to be foes, I disliked the clutter and disorganisation of it but then I was whispered a word of advice, that a lot of designer clothes and accessories tumble in once in a while. What could be better at purchasing a Prada tote for under £40, even if it’s not in pristine condition?

vintage prada

4. Feeling faint?
Take a seat and relax, dressing Vintage doesn’t mean having to wear head to toe, show off your individual style by balancing High Street and Vintage. After all you might love that 60’s shift dress but you could take it to a whole new level with those brand new chunky platform sandals.

vintage high street

5. Be crafty!
It’s so easy to play it safe and follow the crowd but if you fancy trying out the Vintage way then why not use some underhand tactics?! When the word Fancy Dress is uttered we seem to lose all control and get right behind an outfit we would never ever have pictured wear. Use a birthday party or spontaneous night out as an excuse to play dress up and your friends will thank you later.

vintage fancy dress


  • You are very unlikely to find someone wearing the same ensemble as you… TAKE THAT!!
  • You face after being asked where you got your outfit from and the fact that they won’t be able to run and copy you *laughs smugly*
  • The ability to dress like someone out of a fashion mag that with the purse of a student waiting for their next loan to come into force.
  • We’d love to see those of you already rocking your vintage proudly, so why not tweet us your pictures at @Flavourmag to inspire the nation.


  • If you get the shudders thinking about the fact that somebody else has been in the same outfit then this is not for you!
  • As much as some Vintage clobber is in great condition, you’ll probably find that some of it isn’t and so you may have to treat your garment to some TLC.
  • Unlike walking into a high street chain you’ll find there is only one of everything, so be prepared to be a little heartbroken if the mini skirt you spotted is two sizes too small.

Written By Vanessa Carby
Twitter: @Oi_CARBY