lizzo Good As Hell

Ew Valentine’s Day is almost here and some of us are still single and with lockdown upon us, it’s likely we will still be single for a very long time lol.

Here are 10 tracks you need to hear to feel some self-love.

1. Serena Isioma 


‘Sensitive’ is one of those tracks that you need to listen to until you hate it (spoiler alert, you’ll never get sick of this song).  A track that makes you feel like that bitch & calls men out for being sensitive.

2. Lizzo

Good As Hell

The perfect track to remind you of the true luxury you really are.  Lizzo always makes us feel super empowered and her advice is always on point.

3. Hot Chocolate 

You Sexy Thing

An oldie but a goldie. Put this track on and love yourself this Valentine’s Day.


Boys Ain’t Shit

The title says it all.  2021 is for loving ourselves ladies.

5.  Britney Spears 

Gimme More

‘Gimme More’ will make you feel instantly powerful. Open a bottle of wine, dress up and let’s dance to this all night long.

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