Whether you have been lucky enough to find a gorgeous island surrounded by sapphire water or you have opted for a city break with the tourist attractions that have defined the laws of today’s world, Greece is a delightful land filled with history, wisdom and of course scrumptious food.

Take these 5 tips as a nod on how to get the most out of your time in grand ol’ Hellada,

Cash vs. Cards

1. Bartering is still done best with paper, although the modern times have caught up with the land of the ancients some still hold onto the cash filled society not being huge advocates for the cashless society, keep some folding notes on you wherever you are.

Ask about the Raki

2. Get merry but not legless, enjoying a crisp Mythos in the sun is a life pleasure, enjoying many of them will put you out of favour with the locals. Their drink of pride is Raki, it is a sweetened aniseed alcoholic drink, it is meant as an aperitif, so quite strong, sip it with a slow mannered hand and you will be a friendly mannered human.

Attention to the signs

3. Pay attention to the signs, bear in mind that the people of Greece are called Greeks because they have and do live there which means if the sign reads ‘no toilet paper in the toilet’ obey it as the pipes can’t handle it also if you’re on an island do yourself a favour and read the sign about bottled water, these two work in rhythm if you don’t obey one of them.

Rent a car

4. Grab a car beforehand, the islands are joyous spots with great mountains and little roads that wind through them so book a car with Enjoy Car Hire one of the most valuable sites when it comes to this chore, they have done all the work, they have also secured a fair fuel policy for customers booking through their site.

It’s all Greek to me

5. Learn a few phrases and respect the land, this is an ancient language that has been utilised for centuries in thousands of ways so you putting in a little effort and learning a few key phrases to break the ice is not asking too much, they will love it! The land is precious to the Greeks which is why it is consistent with it’s eternal beauty, treat it with respect and keep it glorious for all to see.

Greece is a truly mind altering place, the stunning vista’s will leave you breathless and give you insight into why the greatest myths, legends and Gods came from there and wished to be known as Greek. We can only borrow the romance of the grandiosity in the islands and cities so arrive with open arms and leave lighted with passion.