Fitting a black box to your car is a great way to lower your insurance premium, as long as you drive carefully and within the speed limit.

You can use a black box on any car, whether you’ve purchased your vehicle from Jennings Motor Group Teeside or went straight to the main dealer, black boxes are provided straight from your insurance provider so it doesn’t make any difference.

Black box insurance involves a specialist fitting a special recording device to your car, usually underneath the bonnet, that tracks your speed, cornering and braking using GPS technology. From the data it collects it can determine whether or not you are a careful driver and therefore deserve to pay a lower price for your insurance than other people. It’s also great for security reasons, as the GPS in the black box can be used to track your car if it is stolen.

A wide variety of drivers out there can benefit from installing a black box, so once you’ve got your hands on that dream vehicle or are coming up for renewal on your insurance, now is the time to consider if you fall into one of the following categories of people, who would benefit from black box insurance.

Are you a…

Young driver
One of the most obvious types to benefit from black box insurance, young drivers (those aged between 17-24) pay notoriously high prices for car insurance. They could be the most careful driver in the world, but because of their age they are penalised for others poor navigation of the road.

Stats do indicate that in 2011 alone young drivers were responsible for 22 per cent of accidents on the road in the UK, however this number did drop by eight per cent from the year before. Fitting a black box to a vehicle and driving carefully will lower a young driver’s insurance premium and ensure they pay less than those who pass their test then drive over-confidently and recklessly.

Daytime driver
Accidents happen notoriously in the busy morning and evening periods as people commute to and from work and at night in the dark, therefore making insurance much more expensive for people who drive at these times. Those who drive only throughout the day, usually mothers and retired people, can benefit from a black box which restricts their time periods on the road and if the person driving does not drive outside these set periods they will have their insurance lowered.

Low mileage driver
Drivers who rarely use their car or only go a short distance to and from work could benefit from black box insurance, as those who drive less should technically pay less.

New driver
Whatever age you pass your test you’re still going to be nervous when out on the road for a little while. You will hesitate at roundabouts, inevitably cut someone up and get flustered in traffic or when parking in a busy area. But if you keep your cool and have a black box installed you can quickly lower your insurance costs through careful driving.

Careful driver
A cautious and careful driver, who rarely gets into any trouble on the roads, can benefit from a black box. The definition of a careful driver is one of those people who passengers always feel safe with and try to designate as the driver on long journeys. They know they’re safe on the roads and get frustrated that they have to pay the same as that guy who cut them up on the roundabout the day before. Just be careful when turning corners, leaving your brake pressed in can mark you down and be sure to always stay below the speed limit.

Black box insurance is great for lowering your costs and saving money in the future, use a comparison website to see which insurance service provider suits your needs and enjoy driving knowing that you’re knocking pound after pound off your total costs.