Hands up if you haven’t watched the 50 Shades of Grey trailer? Thought not! The adaptation of EJ James’s novel is set to be one of the biggest film hits of next year and when the trailer emerged online last week, I think it’s safe to say we (and the rest of the world) were all over it. In fact it was the biggest trailer launch of all time, notching up 100 million views in its first week of release.


The film stars Jamie Dornan as the smouldering Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as naïve student, Anastacia Steele. Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, it will hit UK cinemas on 13 February 2015, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Here at Lovestruck.com, we thought we’d take a closet look at the lessons guys can learn from Mr Grey:


“He was polite”

On first meeting Christian, Ana describes the business tycoon as polite. Good manners are a dating must and first impressions are really important. Polite conversation, the offer of a first drink, standing up to greet your date – all these things are important when you meet someone for the first time and will go a long way.


“I’d like to know more about you”

During their first meeting, even though she is interviewing him, Christian turns the conversation around on Ana. Every girl will enjoy being asked about herself – her likes, dislikes, aspirations, favourite food, anything really. Don’t fall into the trap of just talking about yourselves and neutral topics.


Body language

The instant chemistry between Christian and Ana is seriously hot and a look can speak a thousand words. If you find chemistry like this on a date, let it linger before getting physical because it will be worth it – we promise!


Unexpected passion

When Christian kisses Ana in the elevator, every girl across the globe swooned a little bit. Girls like confident and passionate men who aren’t afraid of making the first move to get what they want. Just make sure she’s definitely on the same page before you try this move!


Musical talent

If you’re musical, make sure you shout about it. Christian plays the grand piano, but whether it’s guitar, drums or even the accordion, show off your talents and your date is likely to be putty in your hands.


A sense of adventure

Yes gliding and being taken from A to B in a private jet or on a yacht might be a bit extreme but every girl likes a guy who can use their imagination and think of creative date ideas. Whether it’s spontaneous dinners, or surprise tickets to see one of our favourite acts, a little bit of effort can go a long way when it comes to being seduced.


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