50-lawWhat do you get when you cross a panel of music industry experts with a reading group analysing 50 Cents new book? A captive audience, insight into playing the industry game like a pro, some heated debate and a beat boxing champion!

When Flavour magazine heard that there was going to be a discussion on the book 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene, complete with a panel of music industry mavericks fielding questions on playing the music biz game and winning, we had to go along to get some feedback for all of you lovely readers and budding stars out there. The panel included Daren Dixon- a management guru who has helped to guide the gilded careers of the likes of Destiny’s Child, Island Records A&R impresario Ben Scars, and Charlie Sloth- hip hop artist and genius hype creator behind the youtube hit Being Charlie Sloth. The guys had plenty to say about the book, how they interpreted the life lessons 50 was teaching us and how they got to be big in the game. Daren explained how the book can help bring out a Machiavellian streak in you ‘You can use what you learn in this book to be more proactive. If you are working at a label and everyone gets in at 9am and leaves at 6pm- you should get in at 8am and leave at 7pm, go the extra mile. When I got an invite to the Grammy’s I made sure I booked that flight to LA irrespective of the cost because the contacts I made when I got there were invaluable,’ whilst the ever cheeky Charlie noted that the book was like a checklist for him ‘I basically read each chapter and was like yep. I’ve done this, I’ve done that…’ Ben Scars poignantly reflected the book demonstrates that playing the long game can be beneficial ‘a lot of people only focus on small victory’s and forget that there’s a bigger goal they’re shooting for. I think you can take from the book that it’s important to never lose sight of what you really want out of life.’

After Flavour caught five minutes with key panelists they hit the discussion floor where things got heated- one audience member ranted about the evils of greedy record labels, but Ben pointed out that the artist the heckler was using as a case in point was very happy with his record deal, which has landed him number 1 singles and money in the bank (we’ll let you guess who the artist might be!)

50-CentThe fired up discussions soon cooled when the books co-author Robert Greene joined in via skype. The charismatic writer was able to fill us in on 50 Cent, the man behind the myth ‘He is like a living, breathing Napoleon. That’s why I just had to write this book with him. Everything he does, he does to perfection- from seducing women, to handling crises at his label. Watching him you learn how to get what you want out of life’ Rob, however, was keen to point out that the book was not about 50 or celebrity ‘its about learning how to live your life without fear. That way you can find out who you are and if you sink or swim when you make tough decisions.’

After all of the life lessons we got to see some people who are already applying the 50th law to their career goals. Winners from a previous Industry Takeover open mic event performed at the end of the discussion including a beat boxer who demonstrated his mad skills over a microphone.

Now we know that some of you out there want to make it as an artist or may just want a few pointers on how to get the most out of life. Well read on for a quick break down of Flavours favourite tips from The 50th Law

1) Fearlessness “The greatest fear people have is that of being themselves” Fiddy tells us to feel that fear and then lose it. If you’re fearless you jump into life with both feet.

2) Get Real! See things for what they really are and you will have the ability to turn situations to your advantage.

3) Rely on yourself!

4) Don’t lose momentum. If you stumble and your plans go awry keep moving, find another route to your goal.

5) Push beyond your limits. Believe that you can achieve what you want and never let the opinion of others slow your roll!

The 50th Law is published by Profile Books and is available at all good book stores RRP £15.00

Words by Mary Bello