Post the brilliant The Legends of Reggae Tour held on the 31st  of May where pivotal figures in the reggae scene like Chaka Demus and Pliers performed, Flavour decided to get 6 questions with reggae superstar Gyptian who was also in attendance and absolutely tore the place down.

Gyptian’s current single All On Me taken off the album Sex, Love and Reggae (2013) is an infectious dance anthem that is currently heating up the reggae charts-so let’s see what he said.

How did it if feel to be part of the legends concert?

It felt good for sure because I was the youngest one and there I was mixing with people who are true legends of the reggae, dance hall scene so that is important for me.

Do you feel like a legend of the scene?

Well naturally it’s difficult to say that of yourself. I think that is something that people will say naturally should that be the case-for me I am just making my music.

How do you look at your career thus far?

I just feel good considering where I have come from and where I am at now it is true blessings for me. I will say that I knew that I could be successful but to think of the scale and what has happened to me so far that I could never have imagined.

Just quickly on two of the acts you performed with-Chaka Demus and Pliers what a privilege did they influence you as a young artist?

They are amazing ambassadors of the reggae scene who love to see young people come up-they are true legends of the game. It was a huge blessing to be on the same billing with people of their status because when I was and up and coming artist they inspired me to reach their level.

And what about the female touch with the awesome Queen Ifrica?

Oh my word that lady is a beautiful talent and an amazing person so I was so glad to see her on the bill. The thing is in some ways the reggae scene is lacking a real strong female presence so Queen Ifrica’s presence was big and the good thing is she is putting in some good work.

What’s coming for Gyptian?

There’s a new video for my track All On Me coming soon and in 2016 I will be dropping my fifth album with many collaborations so it should be a big thing.