Family homes are sources of pride, but they do not always age as well as you’d like. If your family has resided in the same abode for decades, it likely shows signs of wear and tear that can feel outdated at best.

In addition to lacking modern style, older homes also tend to lack the functionality and convenience of newer models. Despite the fact your house may not be up to current trends, there’s no need to fret. These six tips will help you modernize your home, increase your quality of living, and get the most return on your investment.

Update Appliances

Domestic appliances are part of our everyday lives, but models over 10 years old tend to be more of a hindrance than convenience. In the last decade, technology has vastly improved. A refrigerator from 2012 is not able to perform on par with one from 2021. Although you may feel like appliances are meant to last as long as they work, this mentality could cost you in the long run. Outdated appliances not only perform worse but can cost more to operate. Because they are not optimized like newer models, they tend to consume higher quantities of electricity and water as well.

Replace Old Windows and Doors

Windows and doors provide more than aesthetic value to a property. Older windows and doors may lack the insulation necessary to keep your home warm in the winter and cool during hotter months. If you are interested in lowering energy bills whilst updating your design aesthetic, windows and doors are one of the most valuable purchases. You may consider how windows could serve as focal points in your renovation.

Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the most impactful ways to modernize a house is to paint its exterior. If your property is made of brick or stone, you may decide to go for a good power wash instead. Inside, however, there is ample opportunity to update your room. Muted, neutral tones can give you far more depth than a flat white. You can also consider the use of backsplashes, wallpapers and accent walls for even greater effect.

Emphasize Spaciousness

How you move inside of your home is just as important as how it looks. Older properties tend to be more cramped with larger staircases, narrow corridors and smaller rooms. To create a more open floor plan, there are several options. You can remove some walls and merge rooms, but you can also think of installing a home lift. Home lifts free up space and make your property more accessible for everyone. You can explore a home lifts comparison site to get the best figures and details on models for your home.

Do Some Landscaping

Does your garden lack any appeal? Does the front yard entice and delight guests? Some simple landscaping can completely update a home and even make it more enjoyable. Consider things like flower beds, shrubbery, patio designs and even a Zen garden. There are many options that can be tweaked to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

Recycle Old Furniture

Old furniture can make any space feel crowded and outdated. While there may be some pieces you’ve held tenderly for years, many pieces could be recycled or repurposed. This can be a great way to use extra time at home to make improvements to its interior. Think about how a fresh coat of paint or retouching could modernize your decor. Even without replacing your bedroom or living room sets, there are ways to add fresh accents to a space. Consider replacing old faucets with newer models or swapping out dresser drawer handles for sleeker versions.