A party lifestyle is deceptively costly. There is the travel. There are the late night takeaways. There are the club entry fees. And yes, there are the drinks.

You can use your salary or savings to fund a lifestyle, but you will be left with nothing but a few good memories and plenty of regrets down the line when everyone else owns their home with equity, and you are still renting your city pad; wishing you had been just a little more sensible. To maintain the work hard play harder ethos, without going bankrupt, it pays to be creative with money making ideas. Here are some slightly ‘out there’ ways you can make some extra cash.


Social trading networks
To many people, the world of currency and stock trading and gold and silver trading will remain a no-go area due to the inherent risks they contain. You stand the risk of losing your money in a few seconds if you are not properly grounded in the workings of the market. Social trading networks like Etoro and Zulutrade, however, make it simple for people without knowledge of the financial markets to make money off the experience of other traders. All you need to do is fund your account and copy the trades of any experts you feel can bring back consistent returns for you. It is a great way to make money but it is not guaranteed, as there is the possibility of picking a poor trader and crashing your account; or just getting in at the wrong time in a trade cycle. This makes it very important for you to carefully analyse the traders you decide to follow.

You’ll also sound dead clever talking about your investments in oil, gold and Google. With the right risk management what’s not to like about making money this way?

Zero-risk matched betting
This is a great way to make £100s without risking anything. All you need to do is to head to your favourite online betting sites and take advantage of the free bets they offer and match them at a betting exchange. This type of betting means you are betting for and against a particular outcome. With this, you can squeeze out the free bet. Even if the free bet is worth £20, consider how much you can make if you do this across 20 betting sites! A few nights out! Here is more on matched betting.

Rent out your space
Do you live in an area that sees decent traffic daily? Do you have a parking space? You can go to Your Parking Space, think of ‘Airbnb for parking’, to rent out that space to vehicle owners that come to your area each day. Depending on location, you can make as much as £300 a month. Make the most of the city pad location!

Make money with your social media account
Do you have thousands of followers on Twitter or Facebook? You can convert those followers to money. Kim Kardashian for instance makes $10,000 for each advert tweet she sends out. You are probably not as popular as she is right now, but if you have a decent number of followers, you can make a few pounds per tweet. Head over to sponsoredtweets.com to see how much your account is worth.

Visit “Get Paid To” sites
These sites will reward you with cash or vouchers for completing specific activities online. The most popular sites that offer this include PaidOffers, Toluna, Swagbucks.com and InboxPounds. A quick search will show you other good options you can work with. The money isn’t jaw dropping but it adds up over time.

Take part in competitions
There is no guarantee you won’t end up just wasting your time but it is possible to make good money by taking part in different competitions. The competition may be as simple as filling out certain forms to get a place in a raffle draw, or going on TV as a game show contestant. Persistence is the key here, and it is to a certain extent gambling, so never count on money from this source.

With these simple tips, you should be able to raise a few hundred pounds each month that can go towards servicing your party lifestyle. The partying will be much more fun when you know that it’s paid for!