Having danced from a young age Chelsea Dyson has grown up performing, competing and loving the stage. Due to personal setbacks her dancing career was cut short and this is when she was introduced to the gym by here boyfriend where over the past year she has built strength and enjoyed a new form of fitness. Chelsea says “I wanted to use my first year as a learning curve with competing, I was overwhelmed when I placed at the British finals. I have officially got the bug! I feel this is only the beginning for me and can’t wait to see where my future can lead in the fitness industry with hopes of one day competing with the best as an IFBB Pro”. We managed to pull her away from her busy schedule for this quick fire interview and we twisted the arm of fitness photographer Simon (SNH Foto) Howard and got our hands on these stunning images.

Whats your measurements?

Bust – 32
Waist – 24
Hips – 31

Chelsea Dyson fitness model 2 Chelsea Dyson fitness model 3

On training we asked…

Whats your key to looking good?
Plenty of sleep! I do not look or feel good without at least 7 hours! Keeping my training consistent is the main key, along with a balanced diet its the perfect match.

Give us your top training tip?
Do what works for you. Everyone’s body reacts differently under the weight. I like to mix it up with heavy weights & time under tension.

Do you ever feel under pressure in a gym full of men?
Not really, I tend to completely zone out in the gym & training with my boyfriend gives me a huge confidence boost, I feel on top of the world!

What are your training goals for 2015?
The past few months have been all about the training improving my weak points, which I’m hoping will show in competitions where my aim is again place in the British Finals & make it to European Championships.

Chelsea Dyson fitness model 6 Chelsea Dyson fitness model 5 Chelsea Dyson fitness model 4

On health we asked…

What’s does your diet consist of?
When competing I have a strict plan set out in weeks running up to my competition (high Protein & a balance or carbs and fats) the rest of the time I’m a lot more relaxed, there isn’t a burger joint in the North of England that I don’t know about!!

Is it expensive to keep up a healthy diet?
It is, but i’m learning a few tricks along the way. Buying meat in bulk is a lot cheaper than buying from the supermarket (I get all my meat from Olympian Foods).

If I can’t cook, what’s tips can you give to prepare a simply yet healthy meal.
Go right back to basics, one of my favourite healthy meals is a protein packed omelette – plenty of chicken, tomato, mushrooms & onions made with egg whites & 1 yolk.

Chelsea Dyson fitness model 11 Chelsea Dyson fitness model 12

On men and women asked…

Do you get a lot of attention with a body like yours.
I promote myself on Instagram a lot so i would say most of the attention I get has been triggered from there. I’m always flattered to hear the compliments after all the hard work!

Is the attention mostly from men or women?
I’d say both. Women are more appreciative & are more interested in how I train & my diet, men seem more interested in the look!On fashion we asked…

Chelsea Dyson fitness model 10 Chelsea Dyson fitness model 9 Chelsea Dyson fitness model 8 Chelsea Dyson fitness model 7

On fashion we asked…

If you wanted to buy a sexy dress, where would be your first choice fashion store to shop?

What’s your favourite lingerie brand?
Victoria Secret

What’s your favourite make up brand?

Short skirt or leggings?
Definitely Leggings!

High heels or comfy flats?
I practically live in my Nikes outside of work although my all time faves are my Jimmy Choos!

And finally give us all your social networking urls so that we can follow you.

Facebook – facebook.com/chelseadysonukbff
Instagram – @chelseadyson_ukbff

Special thanks to SNH Foto for the use of the photographs. Follow him on twitter @SNHFOTO