Urban music artist Charlie BrownEmerging stronger from, the inevitable obstacles and hard times, Charlie Brown has come a long way. After being rejected from several record labels, which made him doubtful about his future, the singer/songwriter has bounced back stronger than ever. He is now resilient and ready to face whatever comes his way.

And after spending many years writing for artists, including, Jay Sean and Wiley, as well as working with producers Fraser T. Smith, RedOne and FutureCut, the self-taught songster recently made his assult in the charts with his debut single,  ‘On My Way’. Just before the release of his eagerly-anticipated follow-up ‘Floodgates’, Charlie took a minute out of his busy schedule fo a quick chat. Below he dishes his thoughts on being dubbed the “UK Jason Derulo,” falling in love, and his most embarrassing moment.

Who’s the most famous person in your phonebook?

I still hang out with the same friends that I have had for years. I don’t really go out to the celebrity hot spots – you won’t see me falling out of clubs at 4 am. All the celebrity friends that I have are people that I have met through music. I spoke to Dionne Bromford, Wiley and Dappy the other day, but Craig David is probably the most well-known person in my phone.

When was the last time you were mistaken for someone else?

I don’t think I’ve ever been mistaken for someone else, but I did mistake myself for someone else the other day. I had this really embarrassing moment at the Craig David show when some people came up to me to ask me to sign their tickets  after the show, and I’m always nervous signing autographs because of the fear that I might spell my name wrong. I might have over think a little too much and wrote Craig Brown [collapses into fits of giggles] I think it was because they were talking to me about Craig David at a Craig David show.

Craig Brown could perhaps be an alter-ego?

I’m not sure how Craig David would feel about me jacking his name, but who knows [laughs] it may happen.

How many times have you been in love? 

I am going to say once.

A lot of people have been calling you the “UK Jason Derulo.” How do you feel about that?

I can’t dance so I’m not going to try a Jason Derulo move, but I’m cool with that. He’s having success and he is doing his thing.

You seem to be helping many guys with their efforts in seducing women than any other male singer at the moment.

In that case, I think I should be getting a few numbers and a lot of high-fives on the streets.

Charlie’s new single, ‘Floodgates’ is released July 21.