Bank Holiday weekend is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the family, but there is nothing worse than bored kids with bags of energy.

Here are seven great ideas for activities that you can do with the little ones to make sure they are fully entertained!

Easter egg hunt

For kids, Easter is all about one thing: chocolate eggs! So why not turn your garden into the Easter Bunny’s paradise and hide some tiny chocolate eggs about the place. You could even turn it into a treasure hunt, by giving your kids brain teasers as clues to figure out where the next treat is hidden.

Picnic at the park

Get a load of fantastic grub together and find a lovely local spot where you and your family can enjoy a picnic. Grab a football, a frisbee and a kite, so when you’re not eating, the little ones can play and run around, and burn-off all that holiday energy.

Harry Potter studio tour

The kids love them and you love them. In fact it’s hard not to find anyone who doesn’t adore the tales of the boy wizard Harry Potter. Why not take the whole family to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London and send the kids (and yourself) off on a magical trip to Hogwarts. See all the famous sets from the films and take a trip down Diagon Alley for a sorcerer’s shopping experience. However, remember to book in advance to secure your visit, as tickets cannot be purchased at the location. You can book your tickets here:

Movie marathon

If the weather isn’t quite as bright and sunny as you were hoping for, you could always keep the fun indoors with a movie marathon. Make the sofa comfortable and pop on the kids’ favourite movie series. If you want to make it a bit more interactive, you could create a film-based quiz for them to do at the end, with chocolate prizes for the winners. You could even set them challenges to do based on the film. For example, if it was Harry Potter, you could get them to draw their favourite character, make up a spell, or choose which house they would like to be in.

Make jelly and ice cream

Hopefully the Bank Holiday weekend will bring a little bit of spring sunshine, so why not make a refreshingly sweet treat you can all enjoy? Jelly is really easy for you and the kids to make together and there are hundreds of great ice cream recipes available online and in cookbooks. You can enjoy your delicious dessert out in the garden if the sun is still shining.

Have a sleepover

Let the kids pick a couple of their closest buddies and invite them round for dinner and a sleepover.

One of the great things about this is, with an extra imaginative mind in the house, the fun creates itself and the kids are sure to have a brilliant time.

Visit local museums and historical attractions

It is often the case that some of the best UK attractions are sitting right on your doorstep. Have a look online to see if the local museum is open, or if there’s a nearby castle to visit.

Check the local paper as there might even be some special Easter events going on at attractions near you.