tobi sale

Some sales are far superior to others and the  up to 85% off sale is no exception.

You can also use code: HEATWAVE and buy anything on the website for half price!!! So whether you are looking for dresses, swimwear, skirts, lingerie, or even sunglasses, you can grab a stupendous bargain in the Tobi 50% off sitewide sale.

It’s time to adorn yourself with these summer bargains, flaunt your figure in these gorgeous styles while saving money and not even breaking a sweat.

Here’s 7 dreamy dresses and outfits in the Tobi sale

1. Kendra Floral Print Dress was £96 now £48

Kendra Floral Print Dress

Be prepared for anything as this dress is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Whether at work or play, this floral print dress can be worn from morning to night.

2. Victoria Wrap Midi Dress was £77 now £38

victoria wrap midi dress

This Terracotta coloured midi wrap dress is about as multi-dimensional as it gets. Whether it be an impromptu picnic, brunch, date night or even a summer wedding, you’ll be able to look glam and classy at the same time. #Simples

3. Gianna Lemon Print Romper was £61 now £30

tobi sale Gianna Lemon Print Romper

One should not enter the summer months without a jumpsuit or romper. A romper gives you peace of mind, knowing you will not be inadvertently flashing anyone by mistake. Tone it down with a pair of flat scandals or spice it up with a pair of wedges. Speaking of wedges, let me direct your attention to the next item.

4. Dolce Vita Kova Strappy Suede Wedges was £148 now £74

Tobi sale Dolce Vita Kova Strappy Suede Wedges

Slighter more on the pricier side, these strappy suede wedges could probably be worn with all of the above outfits.

5. Secret Double Band Bikini Bottom was £27 now £10 and Bikini Top was £29 now £14

Secret Double Band Bikini

You can hit the beach with the Secret Wine Bikini Bottom designed by Tobi! This bikini is available in five different colourways and even has a sixth multi-floral version too.

6. Shine Me Up Sequin Shift Dress was £76 now £30

Shine Me Up Sequin Shift Dress

Bring on the festivals, bring on the glitter parties, every wardrobe should have a stunning sequin dress so you can sparkle and shine at any given time.

7. Lita Belted Faux Leather Bodycon Dress was £67 now £33

Lita Belted Faux Leather Bodycon Dress

You can’t go wrong with a Little Black Dress, so why add a touch of badass to the LBD, with this faux leather bodycon dress.

8. Bonnie Front Tie Skater Dress was £76 now £37

Bonnie Front Tie Skater Dress

Minimum effort, maximum output… This front tie skater dress works for all and is available in Blue, Navy Multi and Rose.

9. Be My Baby Lace Up Panties was £9 now £2

Be My Baby Lace Up Panties

Picture yourself lounging around his or her house wearing these… Simply and effective and the lace up detail add to the allure…

10. Know Better Mesh Bodycon Dress was £76 now £22

Know Better Mesh Bodycon Dress

Look at the dress, look at the price. My work here is done!

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